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Tutorials for Sadhana App

Hello Kundalini Yogis

These will appear on the website for the app in no time at all but in the meantime, to be sure, you are finding your way through the app with as much ease and grace as you are finding your way through your practice:-)

You are aren’t doing your practice, aren’t you?

And of course besides all that I’d love to hear your feedback on the app. Please email me at with any questions, comments or suggestions.

We are presently working on version 2. It will be an incremental update based on questions, feedback and collaborations with KRI.

Here are the tutorials for the iPhone and iPad.

First the iPad. See the iPhone below to see how the journal and social media sharing works.

and the iPhone. It’s a little different to maximise the smaller screen so I designed it with a drop down menu for the music, quote and commitment.

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