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Finding YOU in it

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Changes everything

'It doesn't take an MBA from Harvard to know' . . . when people love your product or service, they are willing to pay their hard earned cash for it, that you’ve created something worthwhile.

The universe and the data is saying you’ve made something of value.

Something people love.

So, let’s step back a minute.

We’ve been trained to believe that a brand succeeds when the 4 P’s are in place: Product, Placement, Pricing and Promotion.

These elements are vital but what's consistently forgotten is the person/people who are driving the business, the ones who create the unique cultural mix of these 4Ps. There’s no mention of 'the who', the YOU in it.

Find that and you've found where the love is.

Someone in the business created the product, how it would be priced, placed and for whom it is of value at that price and packaging.

The love happens when you infuse your brand with YOU to create that culture your ideal customer resonates with.

We've been conditioned for so long to think that the world happens to us.

This is YOU happening to the world.

It's why every business is different. As the creator you bring your unique alchemical mix of your skills, stories and experiences and what you made all that mean to the table.

This is your signature cultural and creativity love cocktail. Only you can make this signature mix that reflects your values, your world view—your curious and quirky way of being and doing in the world.

With consistency this love is reciprocated by clients who create more clients.

They get what you help them do. They feel seen, heard and transformed. They're doing better because of your good work so they tell others to work with you too.

You've earned their loyalty. When this happens you have brand value and .....

Brand Value = Love

Next I'll talk about how you create it

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