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Which side of the same coin are you looking at?

How we see the world is how the world presents itself to us. If we look for good we tend to find it. If we look for bad we tend to find it or when we choose this perspective we would likely see that bad things tend to find us.

This applies to every meeting, project, event, workout, date, appointment, party, trip or class you go to.

You become the victim that life happens to or the creator that brings life to everything around you.

Today is thanksgiving. Christmas is just around the corner and for sure the goose is getting fat and for the vegetarians among us, the vegetables are plumping up.

Both days are about getting together with family, with people we love.

These should be days when we can rest and play, relax and restore, let the masks drop away (if you wear one and we all do at times). Yet this is often not the case because as my Mum says.

Are you excited about tucking into the silly season or dreading the season of excess and obligation?

Many people view Christmas as magical.

Many more only feel anxiety, dread and disdain.

The mistletoe kissing, star dusted magic seeking people like the fuss over presents and food preparation. They delight at the wide eyed amazement when children open their presents in complete awe that Santa delivered on his promise (much to be learned from brand Santa 🙂

These people like the coming and going of the up close and personal extended time with family, friends and strangers who’ll become friends. They look forward to catching up, winding down over cups of tea, a few glasses of wine.

They revel in the hours and days spent idling together on couches by firesides if you are northwards. On decks, gardens or the beach if you’re in the southern spheres.

Others dread the weighty silences in conversations, the stretched out, overwrought dinners with relatives the predictable small talk, the traditional fare. They may carry anger and resentments, anxiety and fear of time spent with people they have fought hard to disconnect from but still feel obliged to turn up yet another time. They dread what might happen or that nothing does and see it as more painful than pushing bamboo up under their fingernails.

How we experience something is often what we look for. We always bring ourselves complete with our memories, our stories, and our sack full of beliefs, world views, ideas and everything else that’s running around in our heads.

We seem to forget we can choose to bring our most innocent never been here before self like the wide eyed child opening his present.

We can also come to any event or situation with our jaded, worn out, wounded, seen it all, done it all selves.

Exploding with anticipation of what might go wrong. Posed at the starting blocks like a peak performance 100m sprinter ready to explode our finely tuned vitriol onto any careless word or phrase.

Bringing our already always knowing selves, our ‘you stole my Easter egg when I was 5’ self, to bear on the speaker, ready to execute first and feel no need to ask any questions later.

When put like that, which would you choose to hang out with or bring to any party your open anything might happen self, or your yawn, yawn, you’re boring me already self?

Einstein said whether you view the world as friendly or unfriendly determines how you live your life. You can see everything as magic or nothing as magic.

A few years I gave my old camera to my young nephew. I had packaged the camera and charger separately. He open the charger first and exclaimed ‘A plugger. Wow’

as though I had gifted him a star spangled unicorn that would immediately transport him to a world of wonder. Imagine seeing ‘a plugger’ as a wow thing. Imagine how that approach might change your entire being.

Imagine approaching a colleague’s new idea, your child bursting with curiosity, your Mum’s request for dinner, your morning workout, your next project in that wide eyed, open minded way.

Would you be more curious? Would you see different possibilities? Would it allow you to offer your ideas too?

Would you ask different questions?

Choose one thing in your life that needs a little reframing. It might be your thanksgiving family gathering or your next pitch for funding or a job interview.

Now hover above it for a moment as though you were watching yourself in it.

Ask yourself:

  1. Where are the possibilities here?

  2. In the bigger picture of my life what is this about?

  3. Am I fully in it or just putting my toe in the water?

  4. What could I change about how I am doing it or who I am being in it?

  5. Is it expanding or contracting me? everyone else involved?

  6. Do I need to stop doing this?

This bring us to a course I’ve been creating The Art and Science of Conscious Creation. It’s about about unlocking your creative potential and/or the potential of your business (top tip if unlock yours first, the business part is easy) so you make success inevitable through aligned action.

I’ll be presenting it face to face in December and February in Sydney and live online in January for those of you in other hemispheres or on holidays. Here’s an a podcast to introduce it You can register or book online here

As I believe we are all in this together Please share this with anyone you feel might want, need or desire to receive this today.

And if you need some special tlc just for you, you can engage my full attention to help you work through any challenges or issues here Everything I do is inspired it truly by you. Do email and let me know if there is any topic, issue or challenge you’d like me to write on.

Until next time, always love

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