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Who are you in the face of beauty?

In the past couple of posts you might have noticed I am decluttering. I got back from NZ and had this desire to have nothing more than I need.

While in NZ I had lived for a decent amount of time within the confines of what a suitcase can hold Of course, there were moments of surely I don’t have to wear this again but once dressed that was quickly forgotten.

I have been ‘getting’ to declutter for a while now and have been doing it at a drip feed pace (read, slightly less coming into my house than going out) but now I’m on a mission.

Anyways I digress, back to topic

Who are you in the face of beauty?

While my gorgeous friend, Deborah was helping me to cull the other day I came across this exhibition catalogue from when I lived in Spain a number of years ago and suddenly I was there again.

It was an exhibition called Des Nudos (The Nudes) in Granada, beautiful city btw, but more on that another time.

I wandered in with my then partner and perused the paintings like I have so many other exhibitions, in so many other towns – am I beginning to sound like Humphrey in Casablanca yet:-)

And then I saw this painting by Sorolla whom I had never heard of before.

Suddenly I was rendered defenseless, entranced, taken by my own desire, to the place he had created with this image.

Why this image? Why did it evoke such a response? The answer is unimportant. It just did.

This is what I love about life, you never know at which moment, and it can be any moment, where you can be stripped bare, utterly vulnerable and speechless, led to a place of raw emotion that you never knew was even there, willingly and blindly, offering your hand to a complete stranger, with faith and love.

It is my weakness and my strength.

Who are you in the face of beauty? Can you recall a moment when it took you by surprise. Allow yourself to feel it like you did in that moment.

Have a beautiful day


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