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Why syncing with the cycles of creation matters to you?

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via pinterest

A child never worries about leaving one game and going to another. They don’t imagine when they leave one activity there won’t be another waiting for them.

In ’normal’ environments they trust their needs are taken care of and so they get on with their day, of play:-)

They don’t need to finish the painting, a drawing or their lunch. They seamlessly glide from music to drawing, eating to skipping, running to rolling.

Watch them at a playground run from the slide to the swing.

They go where the energy flows.

As adults we are taught we must complete things It’s an important, if incomplete 🙂 skill.

We don’t want to be starters who never finish things. We also don’t want to stay with something just because we started it.

We want to do things we are passionate to start, proud to finish and are committed in our actions (even while deep in our doubts) that the journey is worthy of our time and efforts.

To do this with grace and to serve all parts of our lives, it’s best to move in sync with the cycles of creation.

To do that we first need to acknowledge that everything has a beginning, middle and end.

In the yoga I practice they call this God. Now, before your hairs stand up on your neck or you click away faster than the speed of light.

God can mean anything you want it to mean but in this case it means the Generator, Organiser, Destroyer. Beginning, Middle, Ending.

In all our lives in every moment, there are relationships, projects and things, in each of these cycles.

Children are being born, Oldies are passing on. You might be beginning a new job, completing a renovation, harvesting your veggies, cooking your dinner, washing your dishes, replacing your socks and undies (which always all seem to expire at once) storing or getting reacquainted with your summer clothes or your winter woollies . . .

It would be too stressful if everything was beginning or ending at the same time. Enter overwhelm, depression, drama.

We could handle everything in flow, you know in that much talked about new age aspirational ‘being in balance’ kind of way but we’d get bored and maybe cause drama. (We all know, and dread the thought we might even be someone who does this 🙂 I liken balance to a see saw where if everything stays on the horizontal plane for too long, it’s no fun.It’s what I call the blah of balance. We all need some same same but we're so wired for difference Click To Tweet

(but, more on that later 🙂 and besides too much balance would mess up the natural order of things.

Bring on the zest of engagement, the excitement of adventure, the pull of discovery. and know, you don’t have to do anything.Don't worry. Things will change with or without your doing. Click To Tweet

Enter Conscious creation; Sure, if things are going to change anyway, why not consciously create what you’d be more inclined to happen.

You can you know, and if you don’t know. you’ve already been at it for years. Spend a moment to ponder your thoughts, words, actions, and where you’ve been putting your sometimes hard earned cash. Yep, all those have been creating your life. So now, let’s do it on purpose.

First you need to create a vision small, large or even minuscule: and be able to see and hold its feeling, as you get into action, taking the first step to realise it.

At this stage of the game you can’t even begin to imagine all the elements, all those tiny details, processes, tasks, activities that need to be brought into alignment to make it real.

To launch a product, start a business, make a movie, create a website, build a marketing funnel, get your partner to deliver breakfast in bed for mother’s day,

but, by taking the first step, you begin a cycle of energy that in turn begins to generate and then organise the necessary opportunities to build the momentum towards making it real.

As each action creates a reaction, you begin to see what the next step is and then the one after that. People, places, things show up in a sequence that would be too overwhelming to imagine when you first saw that vision. As I say,'If we knew exactly what was involved in creating, or doing anything, we would never start. Naivety is our friend. Click To Tweet

(while we’re wired for different, we’re also wired to move away from pain) But that’s the best part of the journey: the not knowing, the mystery, the adventure.

I walked part of the Camino a few years ago. If I knew I would lose a toe nail and my feet would burn from blisters before I even put my shoes on to start the 35 km day (two in a row), I’d likely had chosen a beach holiday instead, but amidst the pain I knew why I was doing it, and could see Finisterre in my mind’s eye: there was no doubt I’d be getting there.

When we hold our vision, and get into action with what needs our attention most in this moment. We allow space for opportunities to arise, and respond to them while staying in alignment with our vision.

Everything goes through cycles of creation. Ideas, thoughts, projects, relationships:

We need to lean into and trust we know when its the right time to develop, to launch it, to sell, to let something just be. And use our strategic mind to plan and execute the key tasks and activities at the right time ensuring everything is in place to make our vision happen.

Now let’s do a very short exercise.

Close your eyes for a moment. Drop into your body. Feel your feet, your torso, your heart, your head and hand. Now bring your attention to your sacral chakra, just below your belly button.

Feel into one thing that is at the forefront of your life right now: a project, a relationship, a problem.

Which cycle of creation is it in? Are you resisting it? Are you in flow with it? Are you pushing it, pulling it?

Breathe more deeply into it.

Ask what’s the next thing you need to do?

Then do that. Just that.

You can repeat this as many times as you need. You might find you get more done, and with more ease.

I’d love to hear how you go.

And if you know anyone who is struggling right now. Share this, it might be just what they need to read right now. After all we are all in this together.

Click here to learn how to work with me.

Have a great day and if you’d like more drop our email in the box below.

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