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Wings of Desire


‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.’

Albert Einstein

I always think of the Sagittarius New Moon as a whole body orgasm - spacious, satiated, open heart, open mind, pure unadulterated delight.

Birds flying high Sun in the sky You know how I feel It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life For me.

At one with yourself. At one with the cosmos.

There's no interference, no gap between past, present and future.

Anything is possible.

This is the meditative mind, where the space time continuum merges.

Your imagination opens up and you can see beyond what you know, where you’ve been, what you’ve experienced. Knowledge becomes embodied wisdom. Bring it on!

New ideas, visions and possibilities previously unavailable emerge in full technicolour, but …

Not on demand, not as you ordered, not linear. Remember the subconscious speaks in symbols.

This is not pedestrian tweaking of paint colours or incremental upgrades: it’s cliff jumping and boundary leaping, base jumping and blind faith.

As a creative it’s where I like to hang out and where I endeavour to take those I work with.

Is it comfortable NO, is it spine tingling exciting YES

Are the results super satisfying YES

Does the journey test you, expand you, confront you and move you beyond your present perceived limitations. HELL YES!

Does it require courage to venture into unknown territories and dimensions. For sure.

But it's the only place inspiration and true innovation lives.

Without this we are the man living not 50 years but the same year 50 times.

F**** that for a game of soldiers.

So are you ready for the most expansive New Moon of the year. It's calling for you to meet your STOP signs head on and break through them..

Adulting requires that we ‘get real’ and for many this means discarding their dreams in favour of conditioned comfort and others’ approval. When we do this and also surrender our innate sense of pleasure and play; things get serious pretty fast as we go after what we think we should want, what others are pursuing, what others believe we need.

We are it all, we need it all: the dreams and the effort to realise them, the inspiration and the actions, the courage and the conviction.

This Moon wants you to dream your desires and deserve them. It’s not interested in how these dreams will be realised - that’s not for now (and not for you to work out anyway). The time for strategy and action comes later.

It wants you to create space beyond yourself where as David Whyte proposes ‘everything is waiting for you’. There’s no settling here for what you know you can accomplish with a tad more focus or what you know you can achieve by hustling a little harder.

This moon is calling you to be stretched by your imagination and liberated by your soul’s calling.

Could you suspend your reasonableness and shoot your arrows towards that flash of light that’s your divine nature.

You’re a limitless being there.

Love all ways x

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