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You can’t tag along on anyone else’s ride Such fun and wonderful illustrations

If you know me, you’ll know I have a lot of sayings. Not sure if they come from my Mother, Father, being Irish or just Eilish At any rate this is one of them.

It is easy to seduced by a company, a friend, a partner: by what they are doing and want to be a part of it. We have all fallen for this at one time or another to only end up at 4.00am in some outer region of their kingdom (as David Whyte says in a totally different context) with n’ere sign of a lift home or a cab in sight thinking ‘so why am I here?’ (Oh my friend fancied the hairy drummer, or worse end up in work that makes Mondayitis worse than the most torturous disease you could ever conjure; or end up in a relationship that makes the Stepford wives look attractive. I could go on but you get the picture.

The easy part of this is we don’t have to make our own choices. We just go along with whatever force is strongest at that time. We can get caught in the tailwind of someone else’s glow and think ‘I’ll have a bit of that’.

It’s all good as long as the fun is flowing and the wind is in our hair but when it loses it shine, the person who chose to be there knows why (we hope) and can grin and bear it for the bigger picture, but we get cranky, bitter and twisted because it’s not our vision. We were only ever there for the (nice) ride. We don’t like the challenges, the gritty bits and want the party back again.

It can be hard to choose what we want in a world awash with endless options and infinite possibilities; but the only way we will get what we want is to spend some time discovering what makes us happy, fulfilled, peaceful, energised, connected or . . . insert your own ‘happy place’ word here.

Once you know, feel right into it, see it, touch it, hear it smell it and ask the universe for it (or something better).

Choose it with all your heart.

And keep choosing it every day and take some steps towards it.

Ask others if they can help you achieve it.

It’ll become clearer the more you move in its direction.

And you know the irony is, when you are on your way, focused and inspired and gleefully going for it.

Others will want to tag along on your ride.

Be careful whom you invite.

You want them to add fuel to your fire (not drain your resources). And if they want to share or better still enhance your vision how much more fun and frolics you’ll have on the way.

So over to you.

Do you know your ride?

The comments are where the conversation grows and get richer. Feel free to ask and answer, share and receive. After all, we’re all in this together.


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