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#11 Embodying the Aries brand archetype

Welcome to "The Discipline of Freedom," that explores the intersection of creativity and commerce, consciousness and communication through the lens of astrology, alchemy and brand strategy.

In today's episode, we dive deep into the dynamic and energetic archetype of Aries. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is known for its passion, courage, and pioneering spirit. So, let's explore how Aries manifests in our lives, work, and how you can embody it as your brand archetype and recognise in others

We are going to explore the Aries archetype, both in its skillful and unskillful expressions. Aries, represented by the Ram, in the trailblazing category of our astropowered brand archetypes possesses incredible qualities that can propel us forward, but if left unchecked, can lead to challenges and conflicts

First up Aries

Ruling Planet: Mars - It’s ruled by Mars God of War who will defend and protect and go directly after its desires

Energy Polarity: Yang/Masculine

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal - is a cardinal sign which means its an initiating energy. It gets things started.

Anatomy: Head, Skull, and Brain

Metal: Iron - metal is Iron so think of things that use that metal to get a sense of its power

Gemstone: Ruby and Red Jasper

Colour: Bright and bold shades of red.

Flowers all those with thorns so roses honeysuckle thistle and jasmine

Scents Arians are strong and sturdy by character. Born leaders, their ambitious qualities makes them project energy, power, and possibility so their scents have a little edge citrus notes like lemon or grapefruit with a hint of black pepper, neroli, clove, honeysuckle, myrrh, jasmine and geranium and frankincense to soothe the mind and calm when needed

Now its important to note and I’ll say this often you are not only one archetype. We all all multidimensional beings and each year we walk all 12 signs and depending on which house your Aries is in will depend on what area of your life is most impacted and how your Aries behaves. For the purposes of this podcast we are focusing on how Aries manifests in branding. Please remember that branding is delivery on promise which is as important in life as work. It’s your credibility and authority and what I can rely on you to deliver. This is why people hire you, befriend you, partner you. And you become who you are through practice. Who and what you do everyday is whom you become. Today is always building tomorrow. Knowing the astro powered brand archetypes helps you embody your natural talents, skills and strengths of your natal chart making it simpler and easier to create a brand you are inspired and proud to grow into. So let’s talk about Aries.

When skillfully employed, Aries can be a masterful leader, taking bold actions and fearlessly navigating uncharted territories. A key word for Aries is courage. Aries understands the importance of balance and harmony in life, which is where the Yamas and Niyamas come into play. You’ll know by now I’m a big fan of the Yamas and Niyamaswhich are ethical and moral principles outlined in the yogic philosophy that guide us towards living a purposeful and fulfilling life. Check out Episode 1&2 to explore these deeper.

For example, Aries can embrace the Yama of Ahimsa, non-violence, in thought and action by using their assertiveness and courage to stand up for what’s just wrong and protect the vulnerable. Aries can embody the Niyama of Tapas, discipline and self-control, by channeling their fiery energy into focused action, rather than impulsive reactions.

When it comes to branding, Aries visualise the potential to create a hero, pioneer, or warrior brand. These brands exude qualities that align with the Aries archetype, capturing attention, inspiring action, and leaving a lasting impact.

Let's break it down further. A hero brand embodies courage, strength, and resilience. It stands up for a cause, fights the good fight for justice, and empowers others. Brands like Nike’s just do it is a great example of this energy and Patagonia’s built to last exemplify the hero archetype, inspiring individuals to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles. Viola Davis the actress who wrote finding me and stars in The Woman King

On the other hand, a pioneer brand embraces innovation, breaking new ground, and challenging the status quo. Aspects of Apple and Tesla brands, which constantly push boundaries and redefine industries. They embody the spirit of Aries, fearlessly pioneering new paths. Garance Dore carved her own path as a blogger, illustrator photographer and now as a product developer.

Lastly, a warrior brand represents determination, competitiveness, achievement and self-mastery. Gloria Steinem is a warrior archetype as is Bell Hookes the american author. These brands, emphasize discipline, courage, athleticism, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. They inspire individuals to push beyond their limits and conquer challenges. Aries is about serving the master in its most skillful expression instead of the moment - its impulsive unskillful expression

Now, let's explore the visual and auditory elements associated with Aries branding. Aries is associated with bold, vibrant colors that reflect their fiery nature. Red, representing passion and energy, is a prominent color for Aries brands. Additionally, shades of orange and gold can evoke a sense of vitality and strength. Please note that this does have to be primary colours which is a more naive expression of this passion and boldness. I prefer more sophisticated orange or copper tones rather than tomato red. Of course this depends on whether your brand’s positioning is refined or more mass market.

In terms of sound, an Aries brand would have a bold and energetic tone. Maybe incorporating some powerful and motivating music, with a strong beat and dynamic instrumentation. The overall message of an Aries brand should be clear, direct, and inspiring, captivating the attention of their audience.

In terms of skills, Aries brands naturally rise above others in areas that require leadership, initiative, and boldness - thriving in industries where they can bring new ideas, take risks, and embrace challenges head-on. Whether it's entrepreneurship, sports, or activism, Aries brands have the potential to make a significant impact.

In the market, Aries brands are often perceived as courageous, dynamic, and pioneering. Their fearlessness and ability to navigate uncharted territories can attract a loyal following of individuals who resonate with their bold approach. Aries brands may also appeal to those seeking inspiration, empowerment, and a call to action.

As for their ideal clients, Aries brands tend to attract individuals who are driven, ambitious, and willing to take risks. Their clients are drawn to the creative leadership, bold, courageous and optimistic guidance that the Aries brandarchetype provides, whether it's in personal development, career growth, or carving a path to relaise their own dreams.They see your competence and bravery and are willing to follow your lead.

Remember your brand will often magnetise qualities that your clients perceive they are l;acking that that see you can help them embody. An aries archetype will not hire another Aries archetype as they would likely lock horns and compete whereas a Libra will see the bold and clear decisionmkaing of an Aries as something they need help with.

I am an Aries sun - people keep telling me that I am charismatic and are drawn to my courage and optimistic energy: let’s try this attitude. I don’t see these things in myself and it has taking me a long time to own that this might be true. Like you I feel fear when stepping into the unknown but maybe it’s that essential Aries energy that makes me try anyway and let’s face it business and life in this fast changing digital age is a constant adventure into unknown territories. My Aries sun is in my 2nd house of how I earn my income and use my resources and so I can see how this helps others get really clear on their brand

If we apply all we have learned about aries how might a fully embodied aries show up in their work and life.

  1. They don’t ask for permission to go after their desires

  2. They will have a story to tell and a clear point of view. They move to the beat of their own drum and inspire others to join them on their quest or are a role model for those wanting to create their own.

  3. They are focused directed and clear

  4. As a creative aries they likely dress in way that is uniquely theirs. It might be an accent item, like a bold piece of jewellery, the way they wear their hair or their shoes.

  5. Aries are strong and athletic they like to move so they will want style and comfort

  6. They work best in environments that are light and expansive. It’s hard for them to be in a 3 x 4 cubicle.

  7. They’ll express their opinions freely and confidently. They value freedom for themselves and others.

  8. They excel in roles where they are values for their quick thinking and innovative approach

Well that's a wrap for today's episode! We've explored the Aries archetype, its skillful and unskillful expressions, the application of the Yamas and Niyamas, the characteristics of hero, pioneer, and warrior brands, the associated colors, skills, and their perception in the market and ideal clients.

Remember, harnessing the Aries fiery energy can inspire you to move you forward in your life and work. Join me in the next episode as we delve into Taurus the first earth sign. Aries fire sparks the ideas that taurus will try to ground and contain to bring them into relaisation. Each sign builds on the preceding energy on this fascinating archetypal journey through the zodical signs of self-discovery and personal growth that you can effectively apply in your life and work by design.

[Podcast outro music fades in]

Eilish Bouchier: Thank you for listening to the Discipline of Freedom Podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe and leave us a review. You can also connect with us on social media to continue the conversation. Until next time, feel into your Aries courageous energy by finding

I’d love you to connect on Instagram and let me know where Aries show up in your chart and how it plays out for you.

Until soon, wishing you a wonderful Aries week

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