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Do you say what you mean?

‘Normal human behaviour it to talk straight. If you’re angry, talk angry. If you are pleasant, talk pleasant. The problem starts when you are angry and you talk pleasant. Yogi Bhajan

When you are angry, do you show it? When you feel love, do you express it?

As we are in Gemini sign for communication. Begin to notice do you mean what you say, and do you say what you mean?

We are so conditioned to talk pleasant, act pleasant and be pleasant that very often we lose ourselves in the snappy repartee of life.

We hide when we feel hurt. Maybe we weren’t on the invitation list, but we pretend we don’t care. We do.

When we feel disappointed, Maybe someone we know and trust lets us down, We make excuses for them or don’t tell them. Why?

When we feel exhilarated, Maybe we hide our joy so as not to outshine another, We don’t celebrate our successes. Why not?

One of my favourite crystals is Aquamarine. It is the stone of courage and communication. When I tell people about this stone. I always add that courage in communication does not mean, you get to roar or shout, or dump on people.

It is communicating from our hearts with love and compassion for how our words might be received.

So today practice talking straight, with an open heart and an open mind. Talk with people you don’t know, and those close to you.

Tell someone something that makes you angry but express it in a loving way. Remember it’s you who is angry not them.

Tell someone something that you love about them, Express it in a sincere and loving way. Be present to the gift you are giving.

I’ll go first: The plethora of red light, speed cameras, and revenue collecting that rampant on the roads here. I feel the punishment is often completely disproportionate to the crime.

And love. so much but I’ll do that in person.

Now it’s your turn. See where the conversation takes you, takes us. Love to hear about it in the comments below.

Come on, After all we’re all in this together . . .

Have a great day



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