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For when it’s all too much


There are days for all of us when it just gets too much. Too much noise, too much to do, too much of too much, too many choices, too many demands. For when it’s all too much.

You just want to curl up inside,

push your retractable cord and disappear for a while.

And that’s ok.

It’s so, so, so OK.

Not every day seems filled with sunshine and joy

To feel the sunshine you’ll also feel the darkness, the endless grey,

what I call the blah of beige, even the blah of balance.

When everything on the outside looks FINE,

your insides can be crumbling.

We’ve all been there if we have any sense,

if we’ve lived at all.

Even the Kardashians  – whoever they are

the BrandJolies, the happy clappy folk

What’s the song where do you go to my lovely,

when you’re alone in your head

Where do you go to my lovely,

when you’re alone in your bed.

Breathe, just breathe, knowing that’s all there is do.

That’s all there ever is,

even with a closet full of Jimmy Choos

and a house full of art

dream partner, dream children, dream life, dream job,

or the complete absence of all that.

The next step is the next breath.

The next step is the next breath.

Breathe deep into your belly

the place from where you started,

Breath in. Breath out.

Breathe in what you need from all that there is,

Hold. Hold. Hold.

Trust it’ll get you to the next breath,

then let go what you don’t need.

This is your excess

It’s what you can share today

It’s the pain, the searing burning, flooding tearing pain.

Tomorrow it might be laughter and joy

that you can’t see just yet,

or that might be next year or next month.

The next breath might be a smile

that you can’t even dream of quite yet.

Let it come. Let it go.

Suspend your head.

Hold your heart.

Feel into your essence.

Feel into your belly from where you came

From your source.

Just one more breath.

Go deep in there

Feel the depth of the anguish,

the pain,

expand it, explode it.

Feel it and if you need.

Scream it.

Feel your heart

Bring them together.

Open to it.

It’s ok whatever it is.

You are not alone even in this deep deep dark of the night,

the deep, deep dark of your despair

Even there, even then, there is air.

Suck it in. Blow it out.

Know you can merge and emerge,

a little brighter at first and then

like a butterfly who has fought for its wings you will fly again more freely and lighter,

wiser and kinder,

sadder and happier,

darker and brighter.

You’ll be the moth who has found the light

and then others will find you

to steer themselves your way.

It will happen.

Hold that thought.

Feel that feeling.

Try to see that first flicker

and if you can’t today, that’s so ok.

But for now just breathe, long and deep into your belly.

Watch it expand,

Feel you are refuelling,

guzzling and gasping,

giving you what you need,

resting, restoring, replenishing.

Now let go,

what you can share,


you will say to others ‘It’s ok, I got through my dark night too.’

Smiling softly we know, we know.

Know, for now I am holding the light,

breathing for you.

And with you too.

Another day you will be doing it for me or some others too.

Thank you for going there.

Thank you for feeling.

Thank you for you courage, for your diving,

for your passion and soon for your compassion.

Always love. Feel it. There is always more love.



Here’s a 3 minute meditation to give you some relief today or some other day.

And if you fancy coming on our restorative awakening spring retreat. The early bird finishes this Thursday on September 2nd.

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