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Full Moon in Pisces – Super Moon to shine some light

Stunning digital Illustrations by Viccolatte via Pinterest on

It’s a full moon in Pisces – the last sign in the zodiac which means it’s the ending of a cycle and full moons are all about shining light on what has been hiding out in the shadows. (Read subconscious)

This full moon is inviting you to look deep. Pisces is nothing but willing to dive deep into dreams and darkness to retrieve the magic that is lying there.

Remember it’s always in owning all of us that we can grow. It is always in owning our duality – nasty and nice, fun and serious, petty and expansive that we grow and gain the freedom to be truly ourselves. (after all everyone else is taken:-)

The sun is in Virgo. Virgo likes things neat.

It likes order and clean corners, everything lined up in it’s place.

Life is simpler that way but as we know too well;

life is messy

As soon as one thing is sorted another comes to fill the gap.

The universe hates a vacuum and it takes discipline to maintain space.

So how do you work with these energies?

My mantra for this full moon is engaged surrender

So showing up, being in it with full focus and direction

without attachment to the outcome.

I’m in India at the moment so I’m getting plenty of practice in a moment to moment way.

This morning I ordered breakfast

I asked for one boiled egg,

I received two.

I asked for one slice of toast,

I received two with jam!!

I asked for a raw tomato

The delightful man replied with the infamous Indian head wobble

saying ‘sliced tomato’.

I received diced cooked tomato.

All served with a smile

And received with one too.

All perfect in that perfectly imperfect way 🙂

Decluttering mentally, spiritual, emotionally and physically.

We are in eclipse season (aligning with sun)

and this is a super moon (closest to the earth)

So the energies are stronger.

It’s no news that we are living in excessively busy times.

There are distractions everywhere.

Could you change your auto response when asked how you are from

‘I’m up to 90 and don;t know my arse form my elbow to’

‘I’m pretty peaceful and calm, thank you for asking:-)’

Use this moon to simplify where you can.

Stress is unavoidable but can be reduced.

Version 2 of my Kundalini meditation app

will launch in October.

There’s lots of short guided meditations

to help you do just that.

Sign up to the blog if you want to be kept in the loop

(I’ll be doing a special blog subscription)

Until then remember Less doing, less buying and less of everything.

What do you have triplicates and quadruples of from t-shirts to spatulas. Give some away. Employ your grounded Virgo

to strip away the things you’ll hardly notice are gone. Dipali tells us

“A great perspective to use now is: ‘Yes, I trust in the Divine and the higher Cosmic order and my life moves with these rhythms and guidance. I am willing to surrender the worry and expand faith in daily life.’

A big call but what’s the alternative.

We don’t know what’s next no matter how many clairvoyants or consultants we hire:-)

This is not a call for victim mode

and throwing caution to the wind.

All actions have consequences.

Be aware of your thoughts, words and actions.

Choose ones that serve your deepest desires

It’s the little superficial stuff that becomes insidious habits that trip us up. Just notice, and choose 🙂

Remember peace through prioritisation

Surrender to the mystery

While tapping into your gifts

that are just waiting to be claimed.

Read this great article on mystic mamma about consolidation

To prioritise you must consolidate, strip away the excess like trimming a pie of the excess pastry before you bake it.

It will simplify your life,

then comes more time,

more peace and more play, and more than enough pie:-)

I’m all for that how about you?

Do share this post, after all were all in this together

These energies are felt by everyone

and the right word at the right time might just make all the difference to someone you love. (whether they’ll admit it or not:-)

Now here’s the ritual

But while we’re being Piscean in Virgo it might be dreamier and more efficient to tune into these energies with a moon bath or a bubble bath

And to fully embrace Pisces consider a full moon swim:-)

Whatever you do enjoy,

See you at the new moon or before. Now I need to go design some jewels.*


I’ll post some pieces on instagram as I make them.

As it happens found some gorgeous moonstone that I paired with grounding red garnet. I must be tuned to the full moon:-)

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