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It’s a brand new day

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

We pack a bag, catch a fight and within minutes or hours we are in another world.

This happens so often and so easily these days we forget it’s not natural even if it’s normal. We traverse worlds like we once used to go from one room to another. We move from the board room to the children’s birthday party. We move from being the CEO to the mother. Each world we enter impacts us differently and asks different behaviours of us. Traversing worlds physically has become second nature to us but there are times when it takes our emotions and our minds time to catch up.

Your brand is how people feel as they encounter your world and afterwards when they recall their interaction. What experience are you creating, what feeling are you cultivating in the story they are creating for themselves?

You, your product or your company can be memorable by changing how someone feels about themselves in your presence, not just in the moment, but every day.

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