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Meditation – Sat Kriya

My Daily 11 Minute Meditation: Sat Kriya

I was in New Zealand a few weeks ago. I taught some yoga to this wonderful group of women who knew little or nothing about Kundalini Yoga yet they were open and enthusiastic and kept coming back for more.

Like all lovely encounters it felt like a beautiful gift. I promised to put together a daily practice they could do alone or when they get together.

I do Sat Kriya every day among other daily practices I do. It is a core Kundalini practice and often called a complete yoga class in one posture. I find it amazing. Some of my best ideas have come during this meditation or in the corpse pose (Savanasa) afterwards. Like many Kundalini postures it is subtle but do not doubt it power and its effect.

If you are new to Kundalini Yoga take it slowly. Just because you can physically do 31 minutes don’t. Build up to it and I mean over months not days, or even weeks.

Sat Kriya raises the kundalini energy which is the basis of all wellbeing. It is simple, powerful and it works.

So, let’s get started. First you need to tune in before you start your practice

Always tune in to your Kundalini Yoga practice with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo x 3 times. This mantra connects you to the Golden Chain of teachers.

You are opening yourself to the divine, all that is; bowing to the infinite wisdom within you and within all. It is both humbling and exalting.

Posture to tune in Sit cross-legged in Easy Pose, sit bones firmly planted on the ground, spine straight, chin slightly tucked in.

Put your hands together in prayer pose thumbs pressed at your sternum at your heart centre.

Close your eyes and go within. Begin to notice your breath to centre yourself. Check that you are all here, Note each part of your body. Are you sitting comfortably, chin slightly tucked towards your chest, to elongate your spin and ensure a clear path from the base to the top of your head.

Now inhale, exhale let go of your day, your to do list and your worries. Offer them to the Universe, to God, to Spirit, to your Angels, to whomever is willing to take them 🙂 Exhale letting them go.

Inhale again and tune in Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo x 3 As you chant, the word Dev is chanted at a higher note than the other words.

Sat Kriya

sat kriya 1


  1. Sit on your heels in Rock pose. You can sit in easy pose, cross legs on the floor (but the posture has less effect in this position)

  2. Raise your arms over your head, elbows straight, hugging your ears, palms together.

  3. Interlace your fingers and point your Index fingers up. For women wrap your left thumb over your right. For men right thumb over left.


  1. Inhale a little to begin and powerfully chant SAT squeezing the navel towards your spine. Chant NAM as you relax and release the navel. Repeat.

  2. Find your rhythm at a moderate pace. The breath will come naturally as you chant.

Eye Focus

Eyes are closed. Focused up and out through the brow; above and between your eyebrows


  1. Maintain the posture. Inhale deeply, and with the breath held in pull Root Lock (Mulbandh) by squeezing, anus, sex organs and diaphragm. Hold the breath while drawing the energy up the spine to the top of your head and up to your fingertips. Hold for about 10 seconds and while still maintaining the posture. Relax.

  2. Repeat inhale, squeeze, hold, relax two time mores. On the last time hold the breath out and pull the locks. Relax completely sweeping your aura with your arms as you lower them slowly.

  3. Lie down in corpse pose (arms out, palms facing up, feet apart and pointing out) and relax for at least the same time you did the posture and if you can for twice as long.

The Mantra

SAT NAM I am truth, Truth I am. Often used as a greeting in Kundalini Yoga circles. It means whatever you say after the greeting is your truth; Your true expression of yourself. Sat will sound like SUT as you chant.

TIme 3 minutes is a great place to start for a daily practice. Do this for 40 days.

Then gradually build up to 11 minutes a day in this way. Start with rotation cycles: 3 minutes of Sat Kriya with three minutes of relaxation. Repeat this cycle 3 to 5 times. Slowly does it.

Then switch the cycle to 5 minutes Sat Kriya and 5 minutes rest. You can then add 3 to 5 minutes to the kriya time as you are comfortable, until you are able to do an entire 22 or 31 minutes all at once (31 brings you to self mastery territory or beyond at 62 minutes). I’ve done 31 minutes as a 40 day sadhana and found it extremely powerful. Take it slowly, just notice its effects. Listen to your body and your spirit.

What to watch for Don’t let the arms come down or your elbows bend if you can. It will test you. When your arms begin to hurt (and no, I didn’t write if), recommit to the practice and keep them up and straight. Stretch from your armpits. Be in it and try not to attach to the pain. As I have often been told in practice ‘Send love to the pain.’ I often smile while sending expletives to it, and then love. The love works 🙂 The pain goes. Try love first, you may not need the cursing.

Also don’t jerk your arms in the air. The only thing that is moving is your navel and of course, your mouth as you chant. Keep your upper body steady and stable, your spine straight. It is working on the organs below the navel. Trust the simplicity of it and maintain your focus.

How it works

  1. The powerful squeeze is raising your kundalini energy. It is pumping and releasing, mixing the prana and apana: giving your body the energy to regenerate and heal every organ and cell.

  2. It works primarily on the lower chakras which cover our security, creativity, self esteem and power. It does this by mixing the prana and apana at the navel center. When these are in balance we begin to prepare to bring our unique gifts to the world with confidence, power and humility.

The effects of the posture 

  1. Strengthens the entire sexual system

  2. Stimulates its natural flow of creative energy

  3. Helps overcome phobias and addictions

  4. It keeps the chakras open and the energy open

  5. Rechannels sexual energy to more creative and healing functions within the body

  6. Helps mental imbalances, mild depression and addictive behavioral patterns

  7. Stimulates and channels the Kundalini energy

  8. Helps the brain and body to recover from toxicity from drug abuse

  9. Regulates blood pressure and strengthens heart

Close your practice

When you are ready to finish your practice. Send a blessing to yourself, your loved ones, family friends, to your community and to anyone who needs one today.

Seal it with this song, ‘May the longtime sun shine upon you All love surround you and may the pure light within you guide you on today and always.’ An Irish blessing as it happens! Then 3 x Sat Nam (long Sats and shorts Nams)

This seals and closes your practice.

Have a great day. Let me know how you go and feel free to ask any questions. Do share and pop your email in the box if you want to hear more like this and beyond.



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