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New Moon in Virgo – Organised and in action

The new moon was on Saturday and it’s now Tuesday. I started writing this on Friday It takes me hours to write and then there’s the research so it’s quite a time investment. And my head says I should be focusing on work that produces something ‘more real’ more connected with my design work, my jewels or my app.

So it seems I might have been wavering on posting because I am so in tune with the moon that I had already taken its energy on board.

Get clear on what serves you, what your unique gifts are what is moving your life forward, your health, your wealth, your wellbeing, and what actions you can take to ground what you need in the world to allow you do more of that while being in service to others (moon posts 🙂 but of course not neglecting your own needs (which is the tricky part for many:-)

I know the moon is part of my journey and yet I am not clear what these reports are about and where they are taking me . . .

And so I post because I realise this is so not about me. I meet people all the time (whom I never knew read them) who tell me they love my moon posts, and I suspect there are many others out there I’ve yet to meet who read them and others who skim through (and others who delete them immediately 🙂 That there is anyone out there who might see or hear these words just at the time that they need them makes it worth doing. So moving right along . . .

Leo tells us to dream big. Virgo wants us to ground those dreams. This new moon is asking us to try, to make plans (Mercury goes retro Sept 17, perfect planning time) and then take action (Oct 9 when it moves forward again).

Try and try again. Step out of old karmic patterns. Step out of giving up. Step out of fear. Step up to new standards. Step into self belief. Shake off limiting beliefs. Step into new habits. Review what is and isn’t working and what needs adjusting or changing.

We create our worlds by what we think, say and do every day. We build our worlds by taking consistent and surefooted action. We make our lives sustainable by making changes, when things aren’t working. By getting up again in the face of challenges.

Those who succeed try and try again. They side step, they quick step, they slow step. They foxtrot if need be. They try, they learn; then they try again. Sooner or later they get there. Will you be one of them?

Know it’s not what you are doing. It’s who you are becoming while you are doing it. Bring all of you to whatever you are doing and you imbue it with love and clarity. You begin to feel it and not just think it. You begin to intuit the next step rather than analyse it. You begin to trust your instincts as you find flow in the process. You begin to merge with the creative consciousness. You know you are in the right place for now, and that you always will be.

And sooner than you can imagine right now, you are where you wanted to be because you’ve been moving towards it all along.

There’s a partial eclipse so it’s a turbocharged energy which will make manifesting faster. Be careful what you wish for, what you think, what you speak.

I am learning this more and more each day. Things show us when you ask, when you are ready to receive, People show up too. Tune in and open up and then take action with full faith.

I always describe faith as when you have no idea and trust as when you have proof.

Trust is built on previous experience. Faith is intuitive, instinctual. It is stepping onto the first step without knowing where the staircase leads or that there is a full staircase.

But the truth is we can’t know and no one does No matter how many analysts, consultants or contingency experts you employ.

The future is a mystery. Security is an illusion.

You build your world and your life by taking small steps, steps within your comfort zone and steps beyond it. Ships must leave the shore and all that 🙂

So while we’re still in New Moon and eclipse energy: (3 days either side 🙂 Do the ritual or just feel into the energies with this meditation

Let your intention come through and keep it in mind for this moon cycle and begin to take actions towards it. Small baby steps while holding the vision to becoming more of who you are, while is really just letting your essence shine through. Easier said than done eh:-)

See you in the fullness of the full moon in a few weeks. Where a little more of you will be shining through:-)

Now before you go there’s the first Kundalini Yoga Festival held over the long weekend in Broken Bay. If you’ve been wanting to try the superfast highway to awareness yoga what I call meditation on speed. It’s be a brilliant intro (no experience of yoga necessary) and plenty of good vibes too.

I’ll be launching the 2nd version of the app which will have lots of guided meditations and yoga sets. You can still upload your own kriyas and meditations. I’ll also have some new jewel collections and a new product which I think will bring a smile to your mind 🙂

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