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Outside your square

You are the best thing I could never have planned

so says Aquarius, our free-spirited and collective-minded fixed air sign. Aquarius is the humanitarian, the rebel, the free spirited visionary and the 11th sign of the zodiac.

Its symbol is the water bearer. Without a container water will flow anywhere and everywhere and we know it can erode and wear away over time.

Directed and boundless is Aquarian energy. Please use it well.

Aquarius is our third and most refined air sign. It brings us into the realm of the collective and the cosmos. It wants us to imagine beyond the boundaries of the builder Capricorn and create what is good for the collective.

It wants to take us into new territory.

It wants us to transcend our minds to communicate with the cosmos and birth new wilder and more benefic ideas, worlds and ways of being and realise these greater visions, so

the invitation of this New moon is to return to your radical nature.

Connect with your source energy. Let go of what you believe is expected of you and follow your gravitational pull.

Aquarius reminds us that we arrive here with lineage, legacies, beliefs, gifts and talents - some that serve us and there are also bonds to be broken. What would you do if ‘they’ didn't need to approve or express what 'they' thought. The need to belong can often keep us small, quiet and polite but well behaved women rarely make history and well behaved men live in nowhereland.

To have new experiences requires us to peek over the parapet and adventure beyond the safe harbours of home.

In Kundalini Yoga its said if you have a mind you have a mission.

There is some need you see in the world that no one else sees, some possibility only you envision: your mission is to find and create that piece of the puzzle. It may be material, magical or ethereal piece.

There will only ever be one of you, so only you can complete it.

It’s an opportunity or an obligation to accept this mission and unlike in a Tom Cruise movie you won’t receive a brief in a package. It will be revealed to you via a nudge, dream, mistake, word, thought, a person here; opportunity, challenge, problem, trauma, inheritance there.

It’s like life is the greatest treasure hunt and each New Moon presents another clue to take action towards it. This is the adventure we call life.

This New Moon is a super friendly sky with the sun and moon conjunct and there’s an expansive sextile to Jupiter in Aries. Pluto is feeling freer as it almost out of status quo loving Capricorn; Venus, the planet of money, love and beauty, is also in Aquarius and there’s the trine to Mars in Gemini. This can all be translated as a good time to dream. Go big, then go greater ….

We are conditioned to believe we want certainty.

We are even told we expect it from our relationships, leaders, work and more; yet, I propose we love the mystery, for there the magic lies.

Think of story telling in all of its forms.

We want to be drawn in by the protagonist. We want to feel a connection; be engaged by them, understand what motivates them, what’s the struggle: the challenge they are facing externally and the conversation they are having internally.

If we don’t identify with them we’re not invested, if we don’t like them but we respect their journey we’re still there. We are trying to figure it out as we keep up and more layers are revealed.

Without the twists and turns and if we could predict the outcome, we would switch channels or tune out.

We enter their world. We want to feel the tension they are living.

My father used to retell stories but as much as we'd say not again, he was so masterful in his weaving we were spellbound in the story’s magic each time.

One time in Vermont my sister, a friend and I were following someone in another car on our way to a picnic. My sister began telling a joke we had all heard before, but we got so involved that by the time the joke had finished we realised we were following the wrong blue car :-)

We want to be enchanted, to be changed by the experience - elevated, expanded and inspired.

To achieve what we could not have imagined before is pure Aquarian energy.

Uranus, the planet of disruption is the modern ruler of Aquarius and the last of the planets to go direct on the 23rd. Uranus fully supports our love of surprises :-)

What great vision would open your heart and you world beyond your wildest dreams during the coming 6 months. And can you hold the space for its unfolding.

Check your chart to see what area of your life is being activated right now and please come to the first in our Cultivating Cosmic Relationships workshop series this Friday in Sydney.We'll be working with Jupiter. You'll leave with tools to hold your faith in that vision. Book here

And there's Breathe YOU into your life + work - storytelling as pathway to purpose, prosperity and pleasure on the 3rd, 10th and 17th February in person and online. It will be a perfect space to divine and shape your stories to support the realisation of your greatest dreams. The stories we tell ourselves influence the stories we tell others. Find our more here

Please share if you know any friends or family who would benefit from either or both of these workshops.

Oh and if you haven't downloaded your 2023 Moon phase calendar, do so here

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