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Show + Please

Leo Full Moon

06.02.2023 at 05:28 (AEDT), 05.02.2023 at 18:28 (GMT), 13:28 (EST)⁠

Leo aka hair, flick and giggle.

I often ask clients are you here for the show or the transformation?

The show is what pulls people in: they see you, feel you, hear you and sense you. This is true whether it’s a lover, a child, the dog on the street or friends. We are all vibrating energy. Like attracts like or someone sees you and thinks I want what she’s having. A show is a forcefield. You can call it marketing, persuasion, flirtation or salesmanship.

Caroline Casey says of the moon in Leo ‘My tradition enlivens the community through dramatic and ritualistic celebrations that bring the culture’s mythology to life and revitalises its connection to the cosmos. I preside over all expressive performing arts: dance, theatre and the circus.

Leo creates the show and Aquarian calls us into the transformation.

I’m an Aries sun. My Mars is in the first house in Pisces. I doubt I’m known for my patience yet I have learned (by mistakes and through practice :-) there are rhythms and cycles in everything and stopping before you start creates space for intention, aligned action and a truck load more ease. As the highly creative Jim Jarmusch said

‘It’s not where you take things from. It’s where you take them to.’

We’re all here to evolve and grow. Some will be the early adaptors, others will follow and most will be dragged kicking and screaming into the future that is waiting for us.

And remembering the sun is squaring Uranus we are being prepared for disruption and massive change. How could we prepare so the future is convenient for us?

Full moons cast light on our intentions 6 months ago. What were you consciously or unconsciously birthing towards the end of July 2022 , July 28th to be exact just before the North Node conjunct Uranus in Taurus on July 31.

What’s coming to fruition from those intentions and also what do you need to release that is no longer part of your new identity that is emerging?

Until soon love always


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