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The Eight Elements of Excellence

English: Sagrada Familia interior, looking up ...

English: Sagrada Familia interior, looking up at ceiling from near center of nave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Vision to see your goal and keep it in your consciousness.

The Courage to attempt it and to keep up.

The Grit to go through it.

The Humility to know who the Doer is.

The Knowledge to substantiate it.

The Prayer to feed it.

The Grace to carry yourself through it.

The Determination to achieve it.

Yogi Bhajan

Oh! how often we are reminded that this is what it takes to create the life we want to live.

Gaudi certainly had all this in spades. What was it he said of the Sagrada Familia. My client has no deadline:-)

But as I say what’s the alternative:-)


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