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What’s White Tantric Yoga?

As soon as people hear the word tantric, their ears immediately prick up. They listen more intently thinking sex:-)                                                                                               tickled by the possibility of hearing something titillating.

Well white tantric yoga has nothing to do with sex but I can promise by doing it you’ll likely have better sex afterwards:-)

Because you’ll likely be all there, and                                                                                              everything is better when you are present.                                                                                                 You are more sensitive, more graceful,                                                                                                               kinder, more subtle and also straighter.

You can give. You can receive.                                                                                                                 Your mind, body, and soul can act together as one.                                                                                     Even your ego is fulfilled, relaxed and pleased:-)

But back to the yoga and what has white tantric to do with it?

White Tantric Yoga is specific branch of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. It’s all about breaking through more of those subconscious blocks we all have and could live more lightly without.

Our minds are constantly processing thoughts.                                                                                     These move between the conscious,                                                                subconscious and unconscious minds.                                                                    Thoughts affect us.                                                                                                        They can become emotions, desires, feelings, fantasies, believes.                                      A belief is a thought we think over and over again.

Our minds need discipline like our bodies do. We can master our minds or let them run us ragged.

Lack of discipline can result in laziness, impulsiveness,                                                    poor decisions, poor communication, distraction.                                                                                              We can say things and do things before we think them through.                                   We’ve all suffered the consequences of poor communication and poor decisions.

Welcome to stress. Welcome to life for many in 2014.

Conscious and clear thoughts                                                                                          and actions led from our hearts                                                                                  through our mind, body and spirits                                                                                   are expressions of our essence.                                                                                          Our essential truth.                                                                                                           This alignment allows us to create successful lives                                                          where we serve ourselves and each other.                                                                                                                      But of course it’s not all beer and skittles otherwise everyone would be doing it:-)

White tantric is a super fast way to help you get there.

In white tantric yoga you sit in perpendicular lines with a partner sitting opposite you. Some of the poses are with eye contact, some with eyes closed.

You learn a lot about yourself when you look into someone’s eyes,                                                                                                                  meditating often with a mudra or mantra for 31/62 minutes at a time several times in day                                                                                          for up to ten hours a day over 3 days.

You develop and deepenyour relationship with yourself, with your partner, with the group. The energy is monitored by the Mahan Tantric,                                                                                            who facilitates the process for the group.

Last week there were approximately 2000 people                                                                                                    who attended summer solstice.                                                                                                                            Most of these did the 3 days of white tantric.

it was my third white tantric but my first 3 day one.                                                    Powerful energy work, certainly physically challenging.

Certainly, mentally challenging. it won’t be my last one.

You have to know your strengths and weaknesses.                                                   Between your strengths and weaknesses is you.                                                              Yogi Bhajan.


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