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What’s your brand of breathing?


You can stop eating. You can stop drinking. and there are people who do and are still around to tell the story, but, you can’t stop breathing.

Do that and within a relatively short time it’s all over. Sayonara baby.Your breath is your business and it impacts on your work too. Think of your breath as your brand. Click To Tweet

Is it gasping and excited? Looking to others to take the lead. Not so sure about itself but always eager to please. You’re likely not valuing yourself or being valued.

Is it shallow and quick? Changes direction with each new idea and trend. You chop and change while it all works for a while More style than substance. It’s the difference between personality and character.

Is it deep and slow? Clear and reliable. It knows what works and it sticks with what it knows. It’s reliable and sure. You’re calm and assured.

Is it clear and flowing? Clear and aligned. Changes direction as it needs, open to serendipity and opportunity, You can speed up and slow down as requires. You know what you want, your value and are open to the new opportunities, but are clear on your boundaries.

Most people take their breath for granted. They’ve been doing it so long, they don’t even think about it but it’s likely gone the way of those perfect driving test skills, clutch coasting has crept in, the odd text when you’re running late and who needs 3 mirrors anyway?

Did you even know that you expand your belly (if your breath reaches that far) on the inhale and contract it on the inhale. I know I was taught the reverse to achieve that perfect sucked in stomach.

Stop for a moment and check yours now. Do you get to your belly, or even the full depth of your lungs?

How we breath is how we do everything. It also impacts everything.

Can you listen without preparing what your response is? Inhale deeply. Can you wait a moment and process before reacting? Hold. Can you offer what you know generously and without attachment? Exhale slowly and completely. Can you trust that you are supported in every moment? Wait before you inhale again.

If you could apply this in your personal and work relationships what difference might it make?

Would these people feel seen and valued? Would these people trust your contribution and counsel? Would your responses be more complete, more thought through? Would you access more of your knowledge, creativity and wisdom? Would you feel more confident?

Here’s a 3 minute exercise/meditation to tune into your breath. try it any time you feel stressed or overwhelmed or make it a practice first thing in the morning (after peeing and before your shower)

Here’s the meditation and if you fancy listening to it on your phone, in nature, on your way somewhere stressful or fun.

I’d love to hear your experience with it and if it changed your mind (your perception), your reactions and responses to challenges you faced. It’s par for the course: we are all challenged, triggered, stressed and anxious. It’s this adventure called life.

If you want some consultancy or coaching in business visioning and branding. I’m brilliant at transitioning through change with courage and grace. Book a time here for 1:1 and business work here. If you’re not quite ready for that check out my Art and Science of Conscious Co-Creation workshop here and crack goal getting for 2017 and beyond. It’s going to be a big year of change for all of us. Are you ready?

But before you go and get distracted or stressed about that:-) Here’s the meditation to reclaim your beautiful centre.

Until next time I’d love you to share. After all we’re all in this together and this might just be what someone you love needs to receive today



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