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#10 The 4 Brand Personalities

Welcome to "The Discipline of Freedom," the podcast that explores the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, and personal growth Today we have an exciting episode lined up. We'll be delving into the four clear categories of "personality" that exist within the creative industry and entrepreneurial space

As we’ve spoken about before your dharma means striving to behave according to your virtues, calling, aka the “right way of living.”

Every individual is unique, but can be associated with one of the four personality types identified in Vedic astrology. Each type manifests a typical way of doing and being with both strengths and challenges.

Today we are going to talk about what they are and what you can do to lean into the natural strengths and become aware of the blind spots based on your personality type.

We’ll connect each of these 4 personality types with the 12 brand archetypes to provide insights on how to create a uniquely differentiated brand for each.

Last week we introduced how using archetypes helps you communicate your brandstory and also connect with your ideal clients through the 12 astro powered brand archetypes connecting Jungs archetypes with astrology. It might be best to listen to that episode first to help you become more familiar with the 12 archetypes both for yourself and your ideal client.

This week I’m going to break these down in the 4 personality types I keep coming across when working on branding projects. I’d love to know if you encounter these in your clients.

It took me a while to see this recurring the pattern and to be honest it wasn’t until I started putting together my process in response to prospective clients asking who my typical clients were. Duh!

It’s so often in the questions that wisdom is evoked.

So, just like you’re always working on your business and brand, I’m constantly working on the Be Creation brand behind the scenes as I have new insights or I spot patterns and cycles that will move the business the forward and simplify the offering so it has greater impact. (and btw I've a big new project in the works that I’ll announce soon - super excited about this one) You’ll have heard my mantra that

Systems liberate and structure supports.

In the brand archetypes wheel that are ubiquitous on the web these four categories are facilitator, mentor, connector and leader and this works well when working in corporate. I’ve found for creatives and entrepreneurs in the online world whom I work identify themselves quite differently - they are all doers and self starters in their own way, passionate and committed to making their dream real and getting results for themselves and their clients. Now please note this doesn’t mean working with just one type of client but they fall under these four clear personalities.

  1. Dream weavers

  2. Trailblazers

  3. Guides

  4. Makers

Before we begin, let's take a moment to understand why aligning your personality with your brand is essential in the lightning fast expanding creative and entrepreneurial landscape.

Your brand is the essence of who you are and how you communicate with the world. It

  • shapes your reputation,

  • attracts your audience, and

  • differentiates you and

  • your offerings from others in your space.

By understanding your personality traits and leveraging them in your brand, you can create a truly distinctive and authentic signature brand that truly stands out and rings true at every touchpoint

Most try to differentiate through competition - compare and contrast is exhausting and never ending. True differentiation emerges through integration which is how I have always worked with my clients.

Let’s dive into these 4 personality types and discover who they are, what drives them - Simon Sinek’s why - their ideal clients and the challenges they face when branding

First up

1. Dreamweavers have a specialist skill to share. Designers, photographers, chefs

Dreamweavers are individuals who possess exceptional skills and creative abilities. They resonate with brand archetypes like the Lover (Taurus) and the Jester (Gemini) and the Diplomat (Libra). Dreamweavers are connectors who excel at their craft, whether it's writing, painting, music, or any other creative or artistic pursuit.

Their strengths lie in their talent, passion, and ability to create awe-inspiring work. They are channels, interpreters, translators or ideas, images, ingredients.

The Dreamweaver has a specific focused skill.

They may often be part of a larger creative team. It’s a distinct service offering often occurring in a niche industry.

They are looking to build a client list that’s the perfect match for their style and process. Nowhere is a talent brand built on Nick Udall's, reputation but don’t think it has to be just one person. Nowhere has several talents within the business allocated to projects depending on the specific need of their clients.

These brands are driven by the style and process of the offering more than the perspective. They will produce but what thay will look like exactly will be defined by the need of the specific projects. Architects, photographers, designers are Dreamweaver brands. The company’s manifesto and philosophy declares what their values are.

Brand Focus

When designing the brand look and feel; it needs to be pretty neutral because the client is more interested in their work so ‘the work’ must be allowed to shine.

All brands will have special skills and talent but what makes a business a Dreamweaver, a personality brand?

The key factor in a Dreamweaver brand is their focus on their body of work that in turn curates strong client relationships, testimonials and referrals. This is a bespoke service where the clients experience is paramount to create new clients ‘in that I want what she’s having’ way.

The reputation of the business as a whole depends on the relational dynamic between the Dreamweaver and the Client.

I believe that Simon Sinek neglected the all important who in his Start with why.

I believe the who defines the why in every brand but when working on a dreamweaver brand, I go even deeper into who they are to define their why to uncover for whom (clients) they are best qualified and suited to co-create with to ignite and unleash their most expansive creativity.

Unlike the Trailblazer brand, the Dreammaker brand is about building and nurturing deep relationships with a few rather than at scale.

Talents are those word of mouth referrals what I call clients who create clients with glowing testimonials and referrals from great projects with delighted clients. A short story I was in a car park one day and I overheard these people discussing a branding client of mine and proving this point to me. They said you have to work with Fox, they’re the best. (though Fox are a maker personality brand) In the case of the Dreamweaver personality they can take only a limited number of projects at one time and may have a waitlist. Clients testimonials are opportunity creators for a specialist brand to create its ever expanding spiral of success.


Early in their careers and business dreamweavers may struggle with self-doubt, self-sabotage and undervalue their work or just have no idea how to position themselve or possess the all important business skills to make their business work.

I love all these personalities but I identify deeply with the dreamweaver brand when I see so many of my creative friends completely undervalue their work and never charge enough or earn enough to build that cushion of cash to invest in their business, own home, themselves or their future.

Dreamweaver brands like all the others need coaching and support but some may work through an agent who will assume the responsibility of showcasing their unique artistic vision, creativity, skills and their ability to deliver something truly unique.

Photographers and artists are an example of this.

For dreamweavers its important for them to show and articulate their unique creative process, showcase their work, their evolving practice and devotion to their craft and lifelong skill development. In this way they build the authority and credibility that is the cornerstone of their uniqueness.

2 The trailblazers have a story to tell It's a fun brand to develop blogger, content creator, speaker, teacher - Aquarius, Scorpio and Aries.

Trailblazers are charismatic, expressive, and magnetic. They resonate with brand archetypes like the Hero, the Magician and the Rebel respectively.

Showing to back up their telling is their secret sauce. They are the embodiment of walk your talk. They are charismatic natural storytellers, networkers and marketers.

They naturally captivate and inspire through their words and actions.

Their strengths lie in their ability to inspire their audience and build a loyal following.

It’s not what they say but the way they tell it.

Matthew Mc Connaughey is a great example. In the corporate world people often say Richard Branson’s Virgin is a not an airline but a cult. Speaking of cults, one time when a friend was concerned about some spiritual retreat I was going to. I said don’t you know me well enough that the only cult I will be joining is the one I am leading.

Brand Focus

Trailblazers are probably the best examples of personal brands with their unique story to tell and their magnetising and polarising point of view with their powerful charisma.

It’s often a business looking to build an online platform where creating and sharing content to attract a captivated audience is the driver.

The personality or person behind the business is the key focus when branding.

Trailblazers are often the person; name like Danielle la Porte, Oprah or Matthew Mc Connaughey. But don’t be fooled they are not doing everything themselves. They’ll have a support team running their behind the scenes.

Trailblazers yield power as they persuade and Influence others - a rich commodity in these days of celebrity giving access to worlds that are closed to others. Fashion and beauty is full of influencer brands, but what makes a business uniquely an Influencer personality?

Their position and pov will be magnetising and polarising.

It may be contrarian or not but its definitely compounded and cultivated by consistently sharing their unique perspective, their stories and how they tell them, their opinions and advice keep their audience coming back for more.

If the main face of the company were to leave, it would be incredibly difficult for the business to keep operating, because it’s the relationship that one person has created with a large audience that creates impact, but it can also not bear the front person’s name. One such brand is the now deceased Guru Jagat of RAMA or Garance Dore, The kardashians of course are a rule onto themselves.

So what turns the dial on the knife’s edge that a trailblazer brand walks?

I see it as getting hyper specific and clear on their audience which means defining the audience that best fits for their point-of-view, because they need a tribe of followers and their business model needs numbers.

Their success depends on their ability to scale. A trailblazer is most likely to attract a larger following when they have become known for their thing.


Trailblazers may sometimes struggle with consistency or depth and also if they were to leave then the brand may disappear with them. It sounds like fun for a while but you have to be an activist for your own cause. The Australian journalist and activist Sarah Wilson could be seen as a trailblazers brand another is Garance Dore who set up an influencer brand and then got burned out or tired of the demands of this lifestyle - no shade I would too. With the passing of Guru Jugat who was a powerhouse personality RAMA has struggled to maintain it position. When creating their signature brand, Trailblazers should focus on showcasing their unique personality, eccentricites, authenticity, and their ability to create an emotional impact on their audience and then leverage their brand to become a maker which brings us to our next personality

3. The Maker has a product to sell

Craftsman, builder, caretaker, ceramicist, artist, chef usually a Capricorn, Cancer, Leo

The maker loves what they do, they are a creator whether they are creating a tangible product or providing a service. There is a deep pride in their work.

Makers are practical, detail-oriented, and super skilled in their craft.

They resonate with brand archetypes such as the Builder (Capricorn), the Ruler (Leo), and the Caregiver (Cancer). Makers excel at creating tangible products or delivering high-quality services. Their strengths lie in their precision, reliability, and ability to bring ideas to practical realisation. Theirs is a tangible product.

Brand Focus

They need a group of customers who resonate and identify with their passion for the things they’re making. During branding, the product or service is the central focus so when developing a brand we focus on highlighting what makes their product unique and valuable. Their work is often scalable so its important that this passion for the products is felt and seen throughout each touchpoint of the brand ensuring it’s a culture of care and passion.

Often a maker’s culture identifies themselves with the product so being transparent about development and process behind the scenes and lifestyle of the maker is valuable. If a larger business profiling each team member and showing who they are and their passion for the products works for these brands.

But how do you make a maker brand a standout brand among the gazillion of great products out there?

Character and values are the driver here.

You create the story to emotionally connect with the customer so they see themselves in the brand story. They see alignment in the company’s value of their processes - how the product is made, and who is making it, why they are making it in this particular way and in this specific environment. It may well become a lifestyle story in which the product sits perfectly.

Remember our character development from the AstroPowered Brand Archetypes Episode #9, the product and its creator make sense together, eg it would be hard to reconcile an organic famer who creates lettuce with love in a steel and concrete urban environment where put him in a beautiful landscape and there’s no cognitive dissonance.

In the skincare space haekels the british brand who creates and sells them in beautifully designed environments is a beautiful example

Brand Focus

When I’m working with a maker client, my main goal is to divine the gems of the product, process and practice that needs to be highlighted, that the maker may take for granted and how we can place the product within a larger lifestyle context.

This brand isn’t just about the creator, maker artist behind it, but there’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship where the two can work together to create a compelling integrated customer story.


Now Makers may sometimes struggle with innovation or adapting to change because they become so attached to their product.

When creating their signature brand, Makers should focus on highlighting their craftsmanship, attention to detail, behind the scenes, commitment to excellence, showcasing the tangible value and deep care for the product they bring to their audience. And place their product within the larger context of their life and where possible their clients lives which in turn will create community.

4. Guides have a message to spread coach, consultant, advisor, professors, healer Pisces/Virgo/Sagittarius

The guide has a message to spread, through teachings, philosophy and experience.

Having the guide dominant within you means that you are naturally comfortable with and drawn to learning and sharing knowledge. You could be a teacher, coach, mentor, or writer, or be able to adapt whatever else you do to these roles without great effort.

Guides are wise, compassionate, and excel at supporting and mentoring others. They want to bring out the best in others. They resonate with brand archetypes like the Dreamer (Pisces), the Sage (Virgo), and the Explorer (Sagittarius) who is always seeking new knowledge.

Guides create safe spaces for growth, offering guidance and providing valuable insights. Their strengths lie in their empathy, intuition, and ability to nurture others gifts and talents and empower those who seek their counsel.

Guides and Trailblazers can often be confused. The difference lies in the Guides knowledge and wisdom, the story and message they are called to share IS grounded in a deep set of beliefs and philosophies.

We find guides in many health and wellness spaces, education and consultancy whether it’s spirituality, astrology, manifestation, leadership.

Their credibility and authority is their brand

They have devoted themselves to certain teachings with a certain mindset, and they’re helping others master it too.

They have embodied their lessons and now want to share the tools with others. eg the teachings of a certain lineage transcend the teacher however no two teachers teach alike.

They act as translators of the teachings and so their experiences, eccentricites and style of teaching come to the fore when telling their brand story.

If you’re a guide you reflect very deeply and have a passion for learning. You like to share your knowledge with others and genuinely want to help them find their purpose and live better. You communicate with inspiration. Your style is to express your observations without judging.

Brand Focus

So how do you show and tell this unique story for a guide brand.

I focus on their personality, their style of teaching, their unique way of doing and being while using their knowledge and the direct experience of their subject matter to build their credibility and authority. A great example of a guide brand is Seane Corn the off the mat yoga teacher Jane Corben of Jai Yoga


Guides may sometimes struggle with setting boundaries or promoting themselves so when creating their signature brand, Guides should double down on showcasing their lived experience with their expertise, their ability to empower others, and their compassionate nature, building trust and credibility within their audience.

Now that we've explored the strengths and weaknesses of each personality category, let's review what to highlight when creating their signature brand so they stand out.

  1. Dreamweavers should highlight their process, creative ideas, and their ability to co-create unique work for each client.

  2. Trailblazers should focus on showcasing their unique personality, charisma, authenticity, and their ability to create an emotional connection.

  3. Makers, it's crucial to emphasize their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to quality.

  4. And Guides should emphasize their lived experience, expertise, their ability to empower others, and their nurturing nature, establishing themselves as a trusted mentor.

Remember, these personality categories and brand archetypes are not limiting or exclusive.

Many individuals embody a combination of traits from different categories. And they may begin as guides and become makers if they develop products for sale or begin as dreamweavers and become guides as we see with online course creators.

The key as we spoke about last week is to understand and embrace your dominant traits while drawing inspiration from other categories to create your unique brand signature that really reflects your authentic self.

Always come back to your core values, skills, gifts, mission and vision when creating your brand so you are really clear on your purpose.

In my brand strategy work we journey through Essence, Experience and Exoression which brings the full story together to create the immersive brand environments for your audience.

Constraints serve creative and entrepreneurial brands as much as any business.

Understanding your astrological birth chart can reveal deeper aspects of your personality and provides a roadmap for self-discovery and personal growth and brand building.

Check out my instagram for daily content. I am super passionate about embodiment so in the branding space I uniquely use Kundalini yoga and meditation practices to help you tap into, own and embody your creative potential and support a sense of balance, clarity and self-confidence by building a strong nervous system.

Developing inside out confidence, intuition and self-trust are instrumental in taking your brand to the next level of its evolution.

So that wraps up today's episode of "The Discipline of Freedom." I hope this exploration of the 4 personalities within the larger framework of the brand archetypes, has provided you with valuable insights on creating your signature brand that aligns with your personality and helps your stand out in the competitive creative industry and entrepreneurial space.

Thank you for tuning in. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to follow our podcast and share it with your fellow creatives and entrepreneurs. Until next week where we’ll start with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the hero archetype one of the 3 archetypes in the Trailblazer personality.

There are two ways to work with me. You can book a brand strategy workshop or book an Astro blueprint session to explore my one-to-one coaching, to give you insight into what makes you unique and how to work with that to reach your potential instead of resisting it. How to work with the planetary cycles and the energies of the year to create your destiny your way.

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