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#6 identity – a daily practice



We often confuse what we do with our identity. We forget it’s who you are being in the doing that makes it magic or miserable.

Who are you?

We try to be unique through differentiating ourselves from others – what we wear, think, behave, say. There is no place this is more evident in the work place. Everyone wants to stand out but no one wants to take a stand and be held accountable.

Do you think you are your thoughts, emotions, feelings, job title, body shape and beliefs? These are constructs of the mind. You are the integration of your mind, body and soul. You need all three. The spirit for inspiration, the mind for strategy, the body is your container, your channel.

You spend your time pleasing others for their approval, to seen and loved. When you encounter your infinity, you are humbled by the immensity and come to see that everything you seek is within you. Your uniqueness emerges from your integration with all things, not separation. The ego is invested in separation – striving and never arriving. Next comes anxiety, burnout, depression.

Own who you are, let go of pleasing, serve with an open heart, share knowing there’s always more. Become who you are step by step by removing the barriers between you and your essential self. Remove your body blocks. Your body, mind, and soul make your identity. Remember the golden mean the fibonacci sequence, the seed holds everything the plant will become.

Like the seed you have to break through your own barriers to become who you are

Here’s the meditation (starts at 2.50 minutes).

Enjoy your day

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