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Are you living separate lives?

We all have many lives. For starters there’s our work life, then there’s play, family life, love life, social life . . .

In some we’re the leader, others the novice And within each of these we play different roles. We react and respond differently to different people, differ personalities and different situations

Some people scare us, others delight us

This is who we are multifaceted. And multilayered

And that’s ok when it’s real, when it’s consistent, when it’s clear. It’s the fuzziness that throws us all.

If you know who you are, you can be clear on what you will, or will not do, who you will be and not be and even ask for what you need too

You know what you stand for. You know what’s a resounding Yes and an unashamed NO. Decisions are easier and faster. It makes everything simpler. And likely more successful, fulfilling and happier

It takes courage though, because

Not everyone will like you, play with you, hire you or choose you, but that’s ok isn’t it?

Those who do, want you for you.

Again and again I hear people say they are different at work, as though they leave themselves at home when they go there.


People hire you for who you are and yes of course for the skills you have, but it’s the unique mix of these skills, experience and character; that is the magic of you

You don’t have to expose the skeletons in your closet. And It’s certainly not about over sharing or overbearing But if you show us who you are. We can trust you, depend on you in all your perfectly imperfect flawsomeness

And moreso by being who you are Allows me to be who I am too

Pretence is exhausting. Competing is an illusion It’s all striving and never arriving. Without the artifice we can all do better work, and have more fun doing it and be happier too

Reflect for a moment on the different aspects of your life. Do you bring all of you to each part? What would it mean to you to live an integrated life? How would it feel to live an integrated life?



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