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Aries New Super Moon – Unfolding Personal and Collective Beginnings


Among his many atrocities, Cromwell, known as the curse, is famous for declaring ‘To hell or Connaught’ when he came to Ireland in the 1649.

Connaught while ruggedly beautiful is hardly the verdant fields of the Golden Vale or many of the other fair counties in Ireland. He kept those for the Crown but sure, it was a ferociously unjust world then too. Well this New Moon is crying a similar scream from Eris who the myth tells was excluded from a wedding and then tossed an apple among Athena, Aphrodite and Hera bearing the words ‘for the fairest of them all’. Bet that shook that party up:-)

Eris is showing up in the skies asking for a fair new world, one that takes care of everyone and everything thing.

Read Sarah Varcas’ beautiful piece Eris here

There’s also Pluto – who heralds death and rebirth, read endings, and transformation to new beginnings, and Uranus – radical unexpected change. And you thought March was a wild ride.

We are being asked to look beyond the veil. Beyond the world of consumer driven wants, to more living and being.

Dancing with life rather than working ourselves to death to buy someone else’s version.

This is a super moon (closer to the earth) so expect to feel it more strongly.

One that moves beyond gender, beyond nations, beyond race, When we disperse all the difference we create an alchemical fusion of the masculine and feminine, the dark and the light, the problem and the solution, the strong and the weak, the good and bad, the lunar and solar, the ego and the spirit.

We move from forever seeing polar opposites, seeking judgement and separation to seeking wholeness, within and without.

We become what we already know, all in this together where we can be a united force for change. Or have I stepped too far into idealistic territory:-)

Eris who will be around until 2017 is the archetypal spiritual warrior. The warrior does not seek death but is always prepared to die for what he/she values. We can’t escape how the gaping wounds of patriarchy continue to weep with women and girls all over the world still traded like chattels, while men brutally send each other and their sons to battle to sustain this lunacy. The cruelty of humans to each other never ceases to amaze me. And of course towards animals, but let’s address one first.

There can be no triumph in a world that gains power at the sufferance of others where to win you have to lose the very thing everyone is fighting for: The beautiful humanity of who you are.

So where to now, in the here and now?

Aries is normally the first out the gate. It is ruled by Mars God of war and action, but this time New Moon is calling us to behave differently.

You are being asked to sit tight, reflect, look at your daily practices and see where you push and shove, where you will things into being, into delivering what you want and when, with your hands white knuckled on the steering wheel.

It’s what I call linear in that single pointed, logical and rational A to Z kind of way. Sure you might get the results but what about the casualties: co-workers, illness, breakdowns, friendships, marriages, deaths, absences, children and yourself, All of you frazzled and wrinkled, escaping and anxious.

There can be another way, a more mature and graceful route.

The vision is translated to goals, the goals are broken into steps.

The steps are embarked on with energy, with presence and the humility of knowing, that you are not the doer, the maker, the hero.

You are never alone, but working in harmony with the cosmic forces: allowing the energies to come through you. You seek guidance. You step into alignment with the energies not fighting, resisting or forcing.

You release control. You see the world with fresh eyes as an ever helpful accomplice rather than a force needing to yield to your constant vigilance and direction. (the alternative is exhausting, aren’t you exhausted yet?)

This new moon is also Trine Saturn So and only if, we have the wisdom to show up and do the work to transform we can truly plant seeds that will feed us and continue to again and again.

Commitment which I have assiduously avoided for decades has of late been showing me that it holds the keys to liberation. (Damn it took me so long to learn this:-)

We must apply ourselves to this basic and yet so difficult skill to thrive in this digital world that is threatening so many established structures.

The liberation we have been seeking for so long is within our grasp.

To lead we must learn to follow and to be followers we must learn to know ourselves. Can we decide what we stand for and what is worth standing for and can we let go of everything else.

We can’t know what is next. We never have known.

Uncertainty is the only certain thing. but we have been lulled into the illusion that our companies and governments would provide protection and security. An impossible charter and more impossible now in a sound byte and media driven world where the truth can only be that shifting landscape of your own truth.

There is much yet to understand, and as I keep saying, it’s ok not to know. It takes courage to not know, to sit in the still and just be or to take small daily actions holding that vision and stepping into the flow. Trusting that life will take care of you will provide the next clues. Can you step into that? Can you begin to trust yourself?

Here’s the ritual. Enjoy and please share after all we are all in this together. And if you want more please sign up below. and as always thank you for time and precious attention.

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