Could you believe you deserve your desires?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Clap handies clap handies ‘til Daddy comes homes with a Mercedes 190SL for Eilish alone. I don’t drive a Mercedes 190SL but I have no doubt I deserve one. I think the stakes were sweets when I played this game with my grandfather. More recently I've played it with my nephew and much to the amusement of his father, I upped the ante to what I consider the most beautiful car.

I’ve been upping my own ante with my new website. I'd love you to check it out and tell me what you think. If you've been following this blog for a while, you'll know I’ve shied away from being overtly 'woo' and I realise my business has suffered as a consequence. The irony is, of course, once I fully embraced who I was then more of my ideal clients just found me. Joke on me, again :-)

For years, I felt 'real' business clients wouldn't take me seriously. Yet within 5 minutes of meeting me, it’s clear I’m an advocate for employing more than just your linear mind to create a successful business and brand. And don't just take my word for it, my transformed clients who get the results are complete converts too of this out of the box branding approach too. 

Curiously it was COVID that made me decide I could no longer hide. I began to witness levels of stress and burnout I hadn't seen before. Enough of the hustle and heartache and exhaustion of killing yourself to live someone else's dream.

We are all evolving and there comes a point where we can't stay silent any more. We see a need that compels us into action. In this latest incarnation I am offering a done for you branding service and my done with you embodied business and brand visioning programmes. The core of both of them is personal leadership because if you're not leading yourself you're definitely not leading your business or your life.

There's nothing quite like walking your talk to trust your own experience and not surprisingly this inspires others to trust you too.

We can all spot a fake at 150 paces.

Integrating all aspects of my work brought up some more shadows to be cleared, so, yesterday I did an energy clearing with the amazing FrankBoffa who is a financial analyst and a super powerful channel. (I expect there's some more closet woo people reading this :-) We have worked, transformed and studied together for more than 20 years and he’s one of the people who will guest in my Beyond Business Academy to take people beyond their limiting beliefs and blocks.

Because your success is only limited BY you.

Every time you step up to a new level of leadership or go beyond yourself with a new product or expand your scope of offerings; stuff comes up - doubts, fears, memories, limiting beliefs. Some of them are familiar return visitors, others are not even yours but that's another post. Your choice is to stay stuck and limit your potential or pull a chair up and dive in so you can begin the process to release them.

The more clients I work with and especially in these super challenging times it becomes harder to reconcile that people think their success depends on something outside of them: luck, who they know, what they’ve studied and where, how hard they work, what their boss thinks of them and what they charge. For sure, all of these have value but what really determines your success is your energetic capacity to expand into believing it (before it happens): that you are worthy of the work, cash, profit, aligned clients, work you love and a life that just plain turns you on

So could you deeply believe you deserve your desires?

Of course, you can get new clients, get the job and have months of stellar income but if you have not developed your capacity to sustain it, it can slip through your fingers and you end up where you were before, or worse.

This is one of the deep fears that is surfacing for so many right now. People are worried they will lose their jobs and the lifestyles they have worked hard to create and maintain. Many believe their fate rests in the hands of their employers, their clients or the mood of the economy. Fear is the ultimate energy contractor.

I invite you to consider that this is a perfect time to unlock the blocks that are keeping you small and dare I say stuck in giving your power of creation away. Anyone can teach you a strategy.

Only you can unlock and bust through those blocks to create the work, business and life you love to live in.

That's the central premise Beyond Business Academy where students learn so much beyond just strategy and the limitations of this 3D material world. 

In order to generate you must first clear your blocks just like a gardener or farmer clears the land before planting and humans are super generators.

TRUE, long lasting, sustaining and sustainable success requires reprogramming the subconscious mind to become success first. The other option is a cycle you might be familiar with - great income followed by months of little or nothing.

You see, you can fake it until you make it but you have to believe it

You'll learn all about energetic mastery and more inside of Beyond Business Academy.

Every business and life needs clarity, confidence, congruence and consistency

Strewth as Australians would say :-)

If you know where you are sending those mixed signals in work, business, relationships or even to your body. Hit reply and let me know! I’d love to hear from you and you know where to find me if you decide you're ready to expand into your new normal.

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