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Do you believe that you deserve your desires?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Clap handies. Clap handies ‘til Daddy comes homes with a Mercedes 190SL for Eilish alone. I don’t drive a Mercedes 190SL but I have no doubt I deserve one. When I played this game with my grandfather the stakes were candy. More recently I've played it with my nephew and much to the amusement of his father, I upped the ante to what I consider to be the most beautiful car.

I’ve been upping my own ante with my new website. I'd love you to check it out and tell me what you think. If you've been following this blog for a while, you'll know I’ve tussled with being too overtly 'woo' and my business has suffered as a consequence. The irony is, of course, once I fully embraced who I was then more of my ideal clients found me. Joke on me, again :-)

For years, I felt 'real' business clients wouldn't take my magical and practical approach seriously. Yet within 5 minutes of meeting me, it’s clear I’m an advocate for employing more than just your linear mind to create a life + business you love to live in. And don't just take my word for it, my transformed clients who get the results from my 'out of the box' approach are complete converts too. 

Curiously it was COVID that made me decide I could no longer separate who I was from what I do. I began to witness levels of stress and burnout, hustle and heartache and the exhaustion of people killing themselves to live someone else's dream

There comes a point when we see a need that compels us into action.

And the world doesn't need more brands, it needs more people lit up and excited by what they are contributing

You need to design a life/work/business YOU love to live in - not for the approval of your boss, mother, father, in-laws or peers. I see the need for embodied leadership, because if you're not leading yourself, you're definitely not leading your life or work.

I offer a done for you branding service and my done with you embodied business and brand visioning programmes. The core of all of them is integrated leadership.

There's nothing quite like walking your talk to trust your own experience and unsurprisingly this inspires others to trust you too.

The more clients I work with and especially in these super challenging times it becomes harder to reconcile that people think their success depends on something outside of them - who they know, what they’ve studied and where, how hard they work, what their boss thinks of them and what they charge.

For sure, all of these have value but what really determines your success is your energetic capacity to expand into believing (before it happens): that you are worthy of the work, cash, profit, aligned clients, work you love and a life that just plain turns you on

So could you deeply believe you deserve your desires?

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