The world doesn't need more brands. It needs more people lit up and excited with their lives and what they are contributing. People so passionate and joyful about their lives and their contribution, they inspire everyone in their orbit to feel: 'I want what she's having.'

As it's creator, it’s YOU who makes your work uniquely valuable.

For sure, you’ve floor-to-ceiling qualifications, experience and cred, but it’s what people deeply feel you can help them do: that's what magnetises them to you, your offerings, and compels them to buy from you. 


But, first you must believe this too.

The stories you tell yourself changes the stories you tell others.


This, in turn, changes the results. Could you liberate your identity to create your life your way? 

Become complicit in your own creation


I am Eilish Bouchier.

Eilish, rhymes with stylish... or these days Billie :-)

Creative energy alchemist, brand strategist, identity designer.


My work bridges the gap between the subtle and material worlds (mission + money).


The way I see it, this adventure of life is a co-creative relationship with the universe to unfold your sovereign identity.


But we have to meet the universe halfway. The deal is: we get intuitive guidance, synchronicities and support and we bring our unified will, skills, gifts and experiences.


My genius is as a visionary transformational guide for great clients, who are likely friends I just haven't met yet.


I help you understand yourself and identify the constraints of the world you have always known so you can liberate your identity and change their lives for the better.. 

This work came to me the real way, through lived experience - building a highly successful business and life, the work harder-longer, burning out way ..... then recalling and reclaiming ME to merge the magical and practical.

Through my work hundreds of great women and men have designed their lives to work way better for them.


Are you ready to design a life you love to live in and a legacy you’ll be proud to grow into.



Understanding - Transformation - Integration

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Life + Business Mastery

Online program + support
Magical + practical tools, processes and practices. Liberate your creativity with proven simple systems. 

Integrating strategy, creativity and the intelligence of love to intuitively co-create your life + work by design.


1:1 Offerings

Co-creating with you.

Warriors of Wonder

Imagine feeling so aligned with your brand, your offers, your impact that you can't wait to share them.


Answering what you do, rolls off your tongue and elicits a 'tell me more'.


You love the business you're in, you're getting rich results and you're proud to expand into the next version of yourself as you build your legacy and live the life you've dreamed of - lit up, energised, as you consistently exceed your goals, looking good, feeling good and doing great work. 


To do this, you have to get clear on who you are, what you love and are best at doing, what your genius is and how you can have the most fun sharing that with those who see it and value it. 


Warriors of Wonder is a 12 week group mentorship program designed to recall and reclaim all parts of you to claim your power, channel your magic, and master your message. Leading yourself with deep confidence to build your future business + life.


This program is a sacred container for energetic patterns and shadow work self-diagnosis with support.

Learn the 6/7+ figure framework and operating systems to build an intuitive online magical and practical brand that is a force for good in the world.


Replace hustling with wholeheartedness and resonance. This is your alchemical impact — unifying your will, expanding your magnetic field, tuning into the cosmic flow to build business and brand mastery.

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Intuition + Strategy + Action 

Work as purposeful + profitable play.

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It was better than an MBA. The program completely delivered but the daily practice and personal leadership was the real surprise and a total game changer.


I now have more time than I had before and I do a 2 hour practice each day. I used to shake if I wasn’t at work by 6:30 am. Now I often don’t go in until 10 am.


I signed up for business but it's totally a life and work program. All my relationships are better, seriously better. 


My sales targets are now a ‘Can we?’ game.
My conversion went from 35% to 85% within 2 months and is now consistently 90%+ and our average sale has tripled. It’s not if we’ll sell but how much each sale will be.


Our ideal client loves us and refers us. And there’s more. Just do it.’



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