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Crystal of the Week – Herderite

Herderite is the stone of evolution moving us from unconscious beings, to awakening to spirit and finally to human light beings.

Most Herderite is found In Brazil. The Brazilian ones are golden and golden brown. Greyish purple Herderite stones are found in Africa and there some rare bright green ones in Afghanistan. It is a calcium beryllium phosphate with a monoclinic crystal system. It is usually found in small sizes within other crystals and is pretty rare.

Its specific frequency stimulates dormant areas of the brain (the concept of separation began at the descent of Atlantis), opening new pathways in the brain and awakening latent powers of our minds, activating its more esoteric abilities such as psychic powers, enhanced memory; opening us up to our unique Divine expression. It helps unify your mind and your spirit as it embodies the essence of the power of thought.

When we align with the Universe and employ these powers of the mind, we are activiating the next phase of our Human evolution.

Herderite activates pre-encoded genetic triggers that initiates us into this next phase of our evolution. This is necessary to fully embrace the Age of Aquarius where it is no longer about large global corporations and superpowers but about individuals in community, equality and liberation, responsibility and choice.

Evolution takes place at an individual and collective level. It is our combined actions and consciousness that creates change.

Our lives are the compound interest of our daily thoughts and actions, individually and collectively.

Herderite makes us aware of our place in this evolution. It asks us to be aware of our daily thoughts, actions and choices.

It heralds a time of great change which the energies of the past few weeks have brought to our attention once more. These will continue and they provide a great opportunity to set up new ways of being and new ways of living as Leo Knight Tallarico explains here.

It is spirit reminding us that we know in our hearts which direction it wants us to take. Of course, we can resist or we can surrender.

Our actions affect not only us but all around us like an amplifier reverberating sound. As more and more of us align with spirit, everyone moves a little closer to awareness and consciousness.

I, for one have had a challenging few weeks and within those ‘testy moments’, the gift is, I have been reminded of my vision and how I have got caught up in the hamster wheel which certainly won’t be getting me there any time soon. I did a meditation last week where I was embodied. It was just a tad freaky at first (but not the first time so I knew what was happening ) There were some very clear messages about what to stop doing and what needed to be taken in hand – with focus and some haste. (see below if you’re interested).

Focus on the image of Herderite above for some minutes. Allow yourself to meditate on it and see where it takes you. Say the affirmation below

Chakra Crown chakra and soul star chakra

Affirmation I align my mind and body with my higher self now.

So now it’s your turn,

Are your thoughts and actions moving you towards a higher level of vibration?

Have any old patterns have come up for you to break/change?

Has spirit been louder and more insistent lately than normal?

What has been breaking in your life?

What is changing?

The comments are where the conversation grows and get richer.

Feel free to ask and answer, share and receive. After all, we’re all in this together.

An so my very short to do list

  1. This blog for instance needs a pretty please sign up and overall redesign (watch this space)

  2. My chakra ebook needs to be completed and published

  3. My visualisation in action course needs to go online with supported mentoring.

  4. The jewellery website needs to be redone (again) truly owning the wisdom and healing properties of the crystals and how you can work with them in your daily life.

  5. Start speaking and offering courses and workshops about living a truly heart centred life integrating all my skills and experience. Did you know I am a branding guru?

  6. My sadhana app needs to be done and out there. Have I mentioned I practice and teach Kundalini Yoga?

  7. Spend more time in the white light connecting with spirit and, and, and . . . . and play more,

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