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Full Moon in Libra, Lunar Eclipse – Balancing March Madness

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It’s been a mega and magical month emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Just a little March madness.

March is the beginning of the Roman calendar. The Ides of March heralded the beginning of the year. March is ruled by the Mars, the God of War (action) who faces the demons and conquers the world. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. (It’s also my birthday month so look out for my newsletter with your birthday offer). In the Southern hemisphere, summer winds down, as springs wakes up the Northern hemisphere. There’s a lot going on including the unimaginable possibility that is Donald Trump.

Expect to feel this Full Moon which will gather more power with the lunar eclipse.

Let’s not forget the solar eclipse we just experienced on the in Pisces on the 9th of March wanting us to deeply feel our emotions so we can master them, rather than be ruled by them. We can begin to understand what fires them up, their patterns and learn how to manage them, instead of allowing them to toss us about like a tiny boat in a raging storm or disabling us like a fly caught in an intricate web.

When you feel the next wave of emotion, stop and ask what is really going on? Go to its source. Feel it. Locate it in your body. Breathe into it. Open your heart to it. Allow yourself to release it; You can return to your centre. Regain your power over your emotions and your life, one release at a time.

Emotions are best fully felt and not acted upon. They may feel like a screaming siren, full of flashing urgency and demanding action. But, its best to view them as a passing cloud, whether silver lined or rain filled. They will soon to be replaced by another.

Breathe. Feel. Open. Release. You are free to choose your response.

The best approach with this full Moon in Libra is to assume a neutral position, embrace the light and dark of all things, all beings seeing what is yours is also a collective feeling, a global theme, a cosmic topic.

This full moon and eclipse are reminding us that like all mothers, (mother Earth included), we are in service to each other. We do this best when we are ourselves feel abundant and prosperous to overflowing so we can generously present and be present for others.

Know your boundaries and respect them.

Full moons bring our shadows to light showing us that we are all in this together – anger, love, denial, acceptance, fear, rejection, progress, regression, scarcity, horror, abundance, prosperity, openness and withdrawal.

If one of us is feeling them, we are all a party to them.

There is no one truth. There is no one school of thought. There is no one way to live. There is no one way work. There is no one belief system.

We know and have seen the bloody outcomes of holding such subjective views since history has been recorded. Do we want to repeat these patterns or do we want to move towards transcending them?

We are constantly reminded that nature seeks balance that the cycles transcend all else. There is always winter, summer, spring and autumn. There is always life moving towards death onto infinity to be reborn in another form.

No matter how much we push and force our view. It remains at the force of these cycles of life, the cycles of nature, of the cosmos.

We are not victims but co-creators. We can accept it all, embrace it and step into its magical flow. We imagine there is another way, that we can exert our will, force another’s hand. It’s time to recognise it’s always a reflection of ourselves. The part we prefer to hide, the part we pretend doesn’t exist. Is obvious to others, try to embrace it yourself.

Once we accept all of ourselves, we can show love to others.

Once we show compassion to ourselves, we can embrace the weaknesses of others.

Once we forgive ourselves, we can allow the transgressions of others.

Once we are gentle with ourselves, we invite others to shed their armour.

Once we allow ourselves to rest, we permit others to surrender.

As Sarah Varcas so wisely suggests

‘We are all in the same boat, we human beings, battered by the winds and torrential rain of emotion, warmed by the sunshine and life-giving showers of spirit.’

We all breathe the same air, eat the bounty of the same earth.We are all in this together and there is more than enough to share. Click To Tweet

Jupiter in Virgo wants us to work with Mother Nature, giving her the respect she deserves as she offers her gifts and succor in every season.

Let’s look for what’s good in each other, in ourselves and in the magical planet that we share.

Let’s forgive ourselves and each other for past failings for it is in this giving we feel peace.

Let us share our gifts and dreams and encourage each other to realise them.

Let’s support each other as we journey towards them and hold our lightness through the setbacks and triumphs.

Let’s garner courage from each other’s courage to face our fears as we step into the dance we were born to live.

Here’s the ritual. Sit with all that has happened these last months. As you are also creating the coming months.Feel it, honour it, release it. Click To Tweet

Feel into what’s next. Feel into where your spirit is guiding you. Ask for guidance. Ask for courage. Know that you are love and always loved.

And please, please share as someone else might be riding the highs and lows of their emotions, overwhelmed as they bob in this ocean of change. We are inspired as we inspire others.

If you fancy learning a little more . . .

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