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Me, Myself and I versus You and I?

Aries Full Moon is perfect for a branding expert to talk about It’s all about who am I? Do I even know? Do I have the courage to find out?

Then when I have figured that one out (and believe me it’s not a one time conversation) it’s time to ask who am I in relationship to you?

The first 4 signs of the zodiac are concerned with the personal. The next 4 expand to you in relationship with those around you. The latter four extend to your relationship to and impact within society, the universe.

We are constantly and forever in relationship with everything and everyone.

If you reflect to the intentions you set just 2 weeks ago at the New Moon and what has come up for your attention in the past 2 weeks.

My intention was simplify so of course I have been becoming very present to where I try to do too much, complicate things and see where things between the cracks because of this.

There’s no doubt it’s an ever evolving process but it’s becoming increasingly clear that less is more.

I’ll be reviewing and revising in the next phase and some things will have to end up on the cutting floor.

The message that is loud and clear is Refine and focus.

Do what pulls you, like the Moon pulls the tides. You know, you know.

I teach this to all my clients and when you observe where your time, energy, attention and conversation keeps pulling you pay attention, it’s likely what makes your heart sing.Where does your heart, mind and spirit take you? Are you following it or do you keep pursuing detours and distractions? Click To Tweet

This Full Moon, Uranus (ruler of Auairus) who celebrates originality and awakening but always in relation to the whole is conjunct with Eris, who is spirited spiritual warrior in defiance of all injustice. This all translates to standing your ground.

Beware though that you must know and own your ground before you stand up for it. Otherwise you are not sure what you are fighting for and anger can be misplaced and misdirected. Pause before taking aim and pause again before shooting. If you still need to pull the trigger do so but make sure it’s pointing at the right target.

Full Moons are always potent energies and Aries energy is always potent. (I know I am one) Patience is not our strong point. Courage and action are. Finger pointing and resentment are the antithesis to taking conscious creation and self expression. Be very aware which side of the fence you are sitting on over the next few days as the energies explode this Super Moon.

Is this what you truly believe? Is this what you wish to be known for? Reflect on your journey thus far? Can you accept yourself wholly and fully? Is there something you want to change?

If so this is a great time to set that in motion? Aries like the Universe likes action. Stop dithering. Get into action. You can’t change the past but you can reinvent yourself as you create your future.

There’s fire in this Full Moon, some burning truths and brimstone but hope and faith in the future for sure. Drop your resistance and invite it in. We are all in this together and it’s time to play your part. Strip away the artifice, the costumes, the makeup. Fire up your fierceness in beauty, embracing all that is good in you as you invite and honour all that is good in others too in your world and in the world we all share.

So ritual time. What can you fully release? What can you fully accept? What can you fully share?

As always please share with love And if your identity or your brand is something you are grappling with and you need some help to get clear, it’s what I do. Find out more here.

Happy Moon howling. I’d love to hear how what’s coming up for you as you work through the archetypes for each moon? Please email and let me know here



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