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New Moon in Gemini – Expect the unexpected

Feminine energies are mysterious things. No news here either men or women:-) This new Moon occurs at a Grand Cross and promises even more mystery than usual.

The New Moon is generally a time, to set an intention, to plant seeds for the upcoming cycle.

I suggest surrender is our universal intention for this New Moon. 

It may feel like the same old, but be prepared;

We long to know what’s next and yet 

we can only see from the limitations of our experience,

our exposure, our judgments, our perspective.

When this shifts everything can change. Awareness is the first step.

When we surrender we allow mysteries to be revealed. When we exert our will to control and steer the outcome, we’re pushing and often miss the opportunity. How much more fun to allow the story to unfold as it will.

Gemini as an air sign governs the mental realm.

We’re addicted to thinking our way through things.

It is how we have been conditioned in this world

where logic and reason prevails.

In surrendering we return to learn that our bodies hold the deepest wisdom.

When we listen, we learn.

Learning this requires us to slow down, to become still.

Our bodies, our earthly and sacred containers never lie.

They hold our deepest memories,

our most heart felt stories 

the happiest and most troubled moments.

By going inside we can release these

and choose another future.

Can you grant yourself this moment and ask your body what you need to know right now.

What are you resisting?

Where are you showing up: for someone’s else’ expectations,

someone else’s dream,

for approval, for comfort,

for someone else’s needs?

It’s all very well to be in communion,

to be in service to other,

to be kind, generous and caring, but are you doing it for yourself first?

A vital part of the universal law of balance is

giving and receiving, paying and being paid,

loving and being loved, caring and being taken care of.

Are you doing it with an open heart, 

not measuring your return,

no expectation of thanks,

no need for praise or validation,

out of guilt, obligation or self righteousness?

The grand cross at this New Moon

(Venus, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter).

presents no obvious comfort.

They are asking what you are doing,

who are you being,

on a conscious and subconscious level

that is not aligned with who you are?

What behaviours, thoughts and words

are perpetuating old patterns

to deliver what you’ve been always getting

because you keep doing what you’ve always done.

What needs to change to bring a different result?

For me this shows up when planning an event or workshop, a jewel collection or new offering. I furiously beaver away in the background

creating and crafting the product and delivery, silently designing and refining, to ensure elegant and beauty in the delivery,

but I tell no one or I delay broadcasting it until the last minute. Business and personal suicide in a information economy that thrives on community, connection, interaction and conversation.

I know people enjoy being part the story. I know they have busy multifaceted lives. I know they are curious about what’s next, but I repeat this pattern again and again.

There are deeply entrenched fears of being seen.

There’s a well crafted perfection gene. There’s a small child afraid to show her scribbles, yet eagerly wanting to share he creations. There’s an adult who is resisting the way of things.

So I am publicly declaring I need to change this

and you give you all permission to hold me accountable.

What’s your version of this? You don’t need to know why just look for where it shows up in your work, in your relationships, in your health and wellbeing. It’s likely in all of them, how we are in one part of our lives is often how we are in others. The good news is we do so any things well, we can learn to bring that energy to this ‘thing’ too

What would you like to change for once and for all this new Moon cycle, that is screeching change.

In the vein of my above confession.

I have an exciting new program to share with you all.

I’ll post on it tomorrow.

(Today my website is down like the leaves and trees falling all over Sydney in this beautiful rainstorm)

Keep July 3rd free for a workshop on Conscious Creation.

It’ll be online and in person.

So shameful admissions out of the way:-) back to this communicative New Moon.

Take some time to sit in the stillness.

Ask where you need to meet yourself before you meet others?

Ask what you need to give yourself before you give yourself to others?

Ask how you can accept yourself so you can truly sit in acceptance of others?When we surrender to all that is. Everything comes to meet us with all that we need. Click To Tweet

It may not always look quite how you might have described it when asked what you it is you wanted but

the beautiful surprise is that it’s so perfectly formed for exactly what you need.

Here’s the ritual or just sit in the stillness and trust you will receive just what you need.

As always thank you for reading and sharing your energy with me here. and please share, afterall, we are all in this adventure together.


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