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New Moon in Leo – Stretch and Play

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As I mentioned in my post yesterday it strikes me there is a lot of busyness about but where’s the time for play?

People rarely ask you what you for for fun anymore? They ask what you do for work? What do you do for fun?

Playtime what this new moon is all about. Nature is constantly seeking balance We all know what happened to Jack and none of us want to go down that dull route.

So the technical stuff the New Moon’s sun sign is Leo Leo is all about being the king of the jungle, doing a full mane flick and giggle to get the attention of any of the other animals who care to watch.

It’s also in Jupiter the planet of expansion. He is the king of the gods and tends to magnify everything he touches.

Set your intention to ensure it’s your playtime, your prosperity, your creativity, your passion, your love life, your wellbeing, your business ventures, your projects, (not your temper tantrums. Leo does not like to be ignored) As Kelly Rosano reminds us

“This Leo New Moon reminds you that you are powerful creator. You are to work with your passion. Julia Cameron’s classic The Artist’s Way says, You have an inner dream that can unfold, if you have the courage to admit what it is.’ What you really want to do. Is what you were meant to do? When you do what you are meant to do. Money comes to you. Doors open for you. You feel useful. The work you do will feel like play for you.’

Leo rules the heart. Leo rules the fifth house of true love, risk-taking and creative self-expression. Jupiter rules expansion, optimism and abundance. This Leo Moon is filled with positive energy. New Moons are new beginnings. This could be the start of a new passion or project.

And don’t forget passion driver Mars feeling right at home in Scorpio, Use Mars wisely. He can be a hot head that can be mistaken for arrogance or the great deliverer of energy and confidence that makes you irresistible. Use Mars as a force for good. Mars is my Sun sign so I’m all too familiar with both sides of him. My moon sign is Scorpio so let’s say it all on fire.

I’m in Spain at the moment, a land all too familiar with fiery energy. writing and working to ground new projects. I’m going to the European Yoga Festival next week to tell all and sundry about my app and I’m writing my book on the daily practice It’s feels ripe and ready. It feel anything can happen at the moment or maybe I’ve just had too much sun:-) (That said loving the gentler Northern Hemisphere rays)

So back to New Moon business Set your intentions for expansion, for play, for creativity, for passion, for love, for prosperity, this enthusiastic New Moon.

It’s Sunday morning if you are South of the Equator in Australia 8:45am and Saturday evening if you are In South America 7:45pm or presently northwards 10:45pm GMT, East Coast US 5:45pm and West Coast 2:45pm Here’s the ritual

Enjoy x

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