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New Moon in Pisces – SuperMoon, Eclipse – Integration and Creation

Stunning Mermaid by Victor Nizovtsev via Pinterest

Stunning Mermaid by Victor Nizovtsev via Pinterest

A super moon is when the moon is closer to the earth. We feel its energies stronger. Expect deeper and stronger emotions.

A solar eclipse is then the Sun, moon and earth align. This messes with the earth’s electromagnetic field so expect it to dabble with yours too. We like to forget we are all energy, in sheep’ and wolfs’ clothing – keeping it natural.

The moon is in dreamy watery Pisces. Expect to be distracted, dazed and dreamy. Don’t fight it. Dive into it.

Its the last sign in the zodiac cycle. It wraps things up before we resurface, re energised and ready for Aries and action.

We are being asked to feel all of us, good, bad and ugly, divinity and humanity, wholeness and wounding beauty and the beast, fox and the hound, vegan green juicing lotus posed yogi and partying, smoking, drinking substance infused fiend. peace and anxiety, kindness and cruelty, confidence and shame. Stop pretending and tut tutting. You can’t get where you’re going if you refuse to own where you’ve been. As Divine Harmony reminds us

As we end this astrological cycle with a solar eclipse, the electromagnetic fields that have been resonating in all of us change. And we are changed.

A new door opens, a new story begins. Just as a regular New Moon is a time to plant new seeds, a solar eclipse is a time to let go of old, stagnant energy shells, so the new life energy that’s been gestating within can begin to grow.

Pisces feels all of it, It’s core is compassion. It is time for you to feel it all too. Drop into your body. Breathe deeply, opening your chest, your lungs, your belly and continue in and out, until you move beyond your mind until you are aware of each ripple, bump and subtle nuance of your being. Feel the magic of the miraculous machine that is you. Tingling, flowing, tapping, vibrating, beating precisely, accurately and rhythmically.

Mostly without your attention. Mostly without your gratefulness. Mostly without your awareness.

Then extend this beyond your body beyond your aura, and begin to feel into this infinite field of light. Then expand it again further and further until you feel yourself merging with it, with all that is. The utter magic is, this is still you. You are part of all of this. You are all of this.

With all its joy, its light, its pain, its suffering, its death, its destruction, its rebirth and transformation. All the stories, myths, fairytales, that appear and disappear as we walk and weave our way through the diaspora of our lives.

This Super Moon now asks us to imagine our life, our life in communion with others: collectively and collaboratively. To dream a creative dream that embraces our interdependence, that looks at each other and each sentient being for its gifts and offering, rather than as a predator or competitor for limited and finite resources.There is more than enough for us all. It's time to learn to share. Click To Tweet

With the Sun, Moon, Chiron, Ceres and the South Node of the Moon opposite Jupiter in Virgo. There is a real call for dreams to be practical and actionable. Saturn in Sagittarius gives us the courage to take a stand for what is our truth in all areas of our lives, our work and relationships in large corporations or small businesses.

There is a new story emerging beyond me versus you to you and 1 and all of us.

The old paradigms, institutions are being shaken from within, This energy is about building, not tearing down. It about forgiving and for living: allowing, surrendering and accepting. As Rumi says

There is a field beyond right or wrong. I’ll meet you there.

Here’s the ritual. First embrace and accept all of you, then release what no longer serves you. Do this with love, with forgiveness, with blessings for the lessons learned, the gifts, even the challenges that were gifts. Send love to everyone who comes to mind, to your heart. Send light to them. Now plant your seeds, your intentions, your dreams, your wishes, your needs.

Knowing it takes courage, love, strength, kindness and persistence without attachment or control while nurturing, tending, caring to shape these ideas into being.

All the time tuning in, communicating, reflecting, reviewing and course correcting. Because everything is changing as we change.

Enjoy and as we are all in this together please share and if you’d like more of what I’ve been creating for you. Check out here for mentoring and guiding and if you’d like more moon reports, tips and techniques to become who you are while you love the life you are living

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