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What would you do with shiny and new?


It is said that we start our lives afresh in each moment.

And we do. Or we can, all shiny and new.

In any moment we can choose to let go of all or just a little of what has happened before that moment. Can you imagine complete amnesia? New name, new world, new relationships, new job (or maybe you’d have to find one). For sure it’s a fantasy that you could wake up like a baby entering the world for the first time and it would all be fascinating, strange and exciting.

When a baby first opens its eyes, it looks about sees the magic of the world and thinks is this all you’ve done?

Obviously an alpha male/female but beyond that imagine seeing the beauty of a flower for the first time, or hearing a baby laugh or really seeing and feeling the sunrise. I could go on but that’s not the point of this post. The point is do you need all the sh**e in your life or would your business or life benefit form a judicious edit?

Today we have Wesak Full Moon. It’s the spiritual start of the year where Christ and Buddha get together in the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas and cleanse the previous year which means we all get to start again, that is if we are conscious enough to realise it has happened or believe we really can choose.

Most people will be just waking up in their usual way weaving their way from the shower to work and whinging they didn’t sleep very well. (Does anyone at the Full Moon? Please let me know if you do.)

If you’re reading this you’re likely in the former camp aware of the Moon and its energies and likely open to how you can invoke this new energy in your life.

Firstly you’ll need to take some time. This is not an ordinary Full Moon. I invite you to take out your planner and give yourself 30 minutes to an hour for some self truth telling, embracing what you reject and deny about yourself, what you hide and cover. Be kind. It is our polarities that undo us and reconciling them with love and compassion allows us to reconcile our inner fights and flights and reclaim our joy. And we all want that don’t we?

which doesn’t mean life isn’t full of challenges. It is, but it’s how we face them that determines our experience.

Leah Whitehorse reminds us

“The Moon represents our needs and what we need under a Scorpio Moon is connection – deep, intimate, powerful connection to another.”

This is the time to revisit your goals, your vision. Is it yours? Really, really yours or is the voice of your mother, father, family, teacher, boss, sister, partner, lover in there? And if so that is ok but again ask is it yours? really, really yours too?

“The Moon is in an overwrought sesquiquadrate to Venus. We all want to be loved but sometimes in the pursuit of love, appreciation and worth, we can give away our power.”

Love can be a wily beast it and shows up in our need for validation from our boss, our lover, our mother or anyone who’s willing to flirt or compliment you. And while none of us are immune to a well intentioned compliment the person we most need to give them to us is ourself.

And while the Moon cycle reminds us with its waxing appearance and subsequent disappearance of our shiny and shadowy selves. The opportunity for a fresh start lies in every moment and every day. The sun rises and sets. It ask us to wake and look anew at the beauty it shines on and to take time in the living of our day to notice our own blessings.

I advocate each day contains Intention, Action and Reflection, starting each day with an intention answered by these questions:

What will feed today?

What will bring me closer to my bigger vision?

Where can I make some space for rest and play?

I then get about my day and as the sun sets (or often much, much later) I reflect on what went well, where I got distracted, did I do what I needed to get done? what slipped away? I then give a moment (with refinement if needed) to note what needs to get done the following day. I keep a journal and though I rarely return to previous years or months. I’m always amazed at the incremental steps and changes I’ve made when I do. It’s taught me

Our lives are the compound interest on our daily practices. What we do every day and who we are being while doing it is who we become?

Choose who you want to become and just notice (with compassion) if you are being like that in your day.

That’s enough for now and please do the ritual. I’d love to hear if this resonates with you. And please share afterall we’re all in this together and we all want the people we like/love/hang with on that journey with us.

Oh and heads up I’m working on a new project (It’s why I’ve been so quiet of late.) It’s a community with support on and offline to create your business and life by design. We’ll working with the cycles of work, rest and play, the tantric energies. You’ll get more done in less time so there’s more time for rest and play or just hanging out. Think less hustle and bustle more clarity and calm in your work, your relationships and most of all with yourself. Want in? Download the Southern Hemisphere Moon Cycle Planner here and if you’re North of the Equator this one is for you.

Happy Wesak

x Eilish

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