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White Space as a daily practice

In the design world we place a premium value on white space. There’s space beneath a photo, around a logo, beneath headings and paragraphs, not too many elements on one page. The above image is a classic example. Clarity is the opposite to confusion. We give clients brand guidelines with strict rules to protect the white space in their designs. Apple, a long time client uses it so well and yet every time a new designer came to work with me they would say I’ve a great idea to improve Apple’s branding. White space is working for them I’d say.

Clients so often ask you to fill it up. Designers vehemently defend it.

Clients who are unsure of themselves (and the value they deliver) feel telling ‘more’ will make their clients want them more. The opposite is true. Lack of clarity confuses and makes them blend in rather than stand out.

People want results not more information. For God’s sake, we live in the Information Age. Information is ubiquitous and too much of it is often the problem.

Each morning, spending a few minutes alone, tuning into yourself will help you come back to who you are and what needs to be done today, giving you more clarity before you enter your day. You can then direct your attention and focus with more discernment.

Defend your white space vehemently.

You’ll soon see results. Then at the end of the day. Reflect. Notice what went well, what could have gone better. Let the day go. Rest and restore.

Tomorrow’s a whole new possibility.

Here’s the meditation for today. Enjoy and please feel free to share. If you’d like to learn more about working in this way, check out my InsideOut Practice for Business and Brand Visioning or schedule a 15 minute introductory call to explore how working with me will help you get the results you desire


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