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Would you risk it for a biscuit?

‘There is no discovery without risk and what you risk reveals what you value.’ Jeannette Wintersen, Written on the Body

This quote often pops into my head in moments of doubt.

Life is a risky business. It is said we are more motivated to move away from pain than towards pleasure.

We can invest endless amounts of energy into making something safe and then the rug can be pulled out from under our feet. By others, sickness, economies, politics, weather, serendipity and the list goes on.

We know safety and security is a myth yet we mitigate against risk constantly.

I believe we are here to become who we are and this calls for courage and commitment that comes from a deep longing of our soul.

I enrolled in a metaphysical mystery school a number of years ago and at the point of registration, I thought the name was curious and sweet. I have a tremendous ability to trust of the unknown. Months later, when well into the programme, I realised it actually meant we have no idea what is next. Duh! obviously!! It was teaching us how to surrender to the mystery of life. It wouldn’t be a mystery if you knew, now would it?

This journey to becoming and owning all of myself has called me to create shashen jewels, write this blog, develop an kundalini yoga app, create new and full moon rituals, meditate in central Brazil, study yoga in France, develop a daily practice about which I am writing a book, teach workshops and yoga. I truly had no idea any of this would happen and have less about what’s next. At first I resisted and dug my heels in, but I am learning to listen more attentively and sit with it and then take the first steps. I have come to believe we are given information a little at a time, enough to create momentum, (more on this later)

The risks have been professional, financial, emotional and any other risk you’d care to throw into the ring.

The learnings and insights have been vast and continue. I’ve had to come face to face with my weaknesses and slowly learn to acknowledge my strengths (which we so often take for granted 🙂 I’d have to let go of status, money and stability.

I’ve had to explain and explain, how I have no idea exactly where I am going and why I am doing exactly this, but that I need to do it anyway, to others who love me and so many more times to myself. I’ve had to come face to face with my fears (my gift in tantric numerology is paradoxically fearlessness. Check yours out here).

I’ve learned to love and live with an open heart (mostly) and be amazed in the face of others love, kindness and generosity. It’s been quite the adventure and continues to be. It’s been humbling and exalting. And would I recommend it, Of course:-) I have never felt more engaged, alive, peaceful and centred.

I feel I am well on my way to surrendering to the mystery of life, with faith it will take me where I need to go, and trusting I am creating what I need in every moment.

i also feel it is about helping others, live the lives they want to live. We all have different wants needs, and desires and its about having the courage to own what they are for each of us and actually do what we need to create them.

Surrender and risk are close relations. Surrender is the opposite to control. Risk is contrary to security.

When we risk we give up knowing the outcome. When we surrender we allow the current to take us. We have to learn to keep our faith, trusting that the journey and the outcome will serve us.

We takes risks for something better, greater and bigger, for growth, for expansion and for love.

We will never risk for something we don’t value. That we can just give away. That means nothing to us. We are not committed. And what can we not be committed to, if not our soul’s journey, our growth.

Being truly ourselves is our gift to the world as it allows others to be that too.

Imagine a world where we saw acceptance and love, and not comparison and suspicion.

Where we believed what we had we could readily share because there was more than enough for everyone.

We will risk anything and everything for something we love unconditionally. Most will risk their lives for their children and loved ones, for freedom, Some will risk their financial security for a dream, education, promise of a brighter future, Some will risk sanity for peace, for addiction Some will risk physical safety for adventure, for safety Some will risk everything for money, for status, for power, for truth, for love. Some will risk nothing for anything:-)

What will you risk to become who you are?

Where in your life do you take risks?

What do you risk?

And do you know your risk tolerance?

Where would you like to take more risks?

What would you be willing to risk to make your biggest dream a reality?

I’ve love to hear from you in the comments. It’s where the conversation gets really interesting. After all we are all in this together.

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