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#1 Stickability – a daily practice

great images thank you @unsplash @michaelpodger

images @unsplash @michaelpodger thank you

I asked and you answered. Many of you said you like the idea of a daily note. I am going to try note the word try. We are all just trying. Sometimes we succeed. Other times we try again with more wisdom. This is our stickability that we keep trying.

Treat everything as an experiment

It sounds so easy to do. Something as simple as write a note a day and yet this is where we all become unstuck (or is it just me?) Yet our lives are the compound interest on what we do every day. All those small actions add up. It is through our thoughts, words and actions that we create careers, relationships, reputations, raise children, pay mortgages, create addictions – coffee (guilty) alcohol, sugar, happiness, gossip – pile on extra pounds or keep them off, grow friendships and communities, achieve our dreams or hate the jobs we are in. What we do everyday is who we become.

People only want you for what they can rely on your to deliver.

Through my branding practice I learned clarity. Through my yoga practice I learned discipline. Clarity creates discernment. Discipline creates freedom. When you remove choice you have commitment. Commitment delivers results. What you do everyday is who you become. Practice cranky you become a grumpy old man/woman. Practice joy you become joyful. Joy wants to live where joy is. Drama seeks out drama. Misery loves company. Practice gratitude you become great. Which will you choose and commit to?

You don’t decide whether to brush your teeth every morning you just do it. As a child you may have resisted but your mother insisted and persisted and sooner or later the habit became ingrained. Now you just do it.

I am going to invite you to create another habit, that of a daily meditation practice. It can be as simple as repeating a word. It can be your already established practice. I will include one at the end of the post if you don’t have one or would like to try a new one. Top tip is to tag it onto something you already do, like brushing your teeth 🙂 or one I heard and have adopted is Rise. Pee. Meditate.

Upon completion set your intention for the day (aligned with your bigger vision of course), then get into your day.

At the day’s end ask yourself ‘So, how did my day go?’ And you can also ask if there is anything you need to clean up or anything you would do differently next time. There’s no wrong or rights in this game just observation.

The practice is Intention. Action. Reflection. Refinement.

In the yoga I practice (Kundalini Yoga and meditation) it takes

  1. 40 days to break a habit

  2. 90 days to create a new one

  3. 120 to embed the new habit in your psyche

  4. 1000 to master it.

So are you game to start with 40 days. I’ll commit to write every day. You commit to read and meditate everyday. I promise I’ll keep them short (less than 750 words) and remember treat everything as an experiment. Just observe how you go, where you resist and how. I’ve been doing this for years and day 28-32 is where I come a cropper (so believe me it’s not 21 days to break a habit). I have to dig deep and JUST DO IT to get through. It will be different for each of you.

The first step to change is awareness.

Here’s the mediation that takes about 3 minutes (after the first time just skip the ‘talking bit” and go straight to 2.50 minutes). This particular meditation brings you out of your busy ‘monkey mind’ and into your neutral mind in just 3 minutes.

Why do this?

Do you want feel calmer and more in control? Do you want more peace and prosperity in your day. Do you want to get more done in less time? Do you want to be the person who people call when they need X done? (Top tip get clear on X otherwise they’ll call you to do any old thing or nothing at all or as my Dad would say ‘If you work for free you’ll never be unemployed’) Do you want to have more clarity? Do you want to be happy? Do you want to rediscover your playful nature? And duh! you’re living your life why not live it intentionally so you get what you say you want?

So today is the set up and the commitment.

Each day I’ll write a little on a theme or word. We’ll work with the prescient energies, solar to lunar, to daily cycles.

Here’s the link to my New Year prosperity meditation if you missed it to tune into what you want to create this year.

If you want something in particular addressed or answered please email.

So more than enough out of me for now. Let me tell you I’m appropriately scared. I don’t know if I can do this but I’m willing to try. Are you?

Seriously this sh*t works and it gives you back your sense of humour and lightness – if you have occasionally lost it.

Top tip Rope in a friend or your partner. We’re so much better at being accountable to others than ourselves? Check in on instagram and let me know how you are doing. Please use these tags #consciouscreation #adailypractice


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