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Your journey to success + freedom will be unique to you and you alone.


On the surface this looks like creating a life + work that ticks all your boxes but what you’re really doing is embarking on an adventure to fall in love with who you are (your unique way of being and doing and why you do what you do) while loving the life + work you are living and building the future you are proud to grow into.


The first step to rich rewarding loving relationship with yourself, your partner, money, wealth, power, time, divinity . . .

and everything else is loving your fate.



I am Eilish Bouchier.

Eilish, rhymes with stylish... or these days Billie :-)

I'm a brand strategist, astrologer, yogi, design thinker, life explorer, saphiophile, and an intuitive life coach for creative entrepreneurs.

You're likely reading because you're at a threshold with much to offer the world and you're ready to fully breathe into the that brilliance that is you. If so, let's get to know each other.


My genius is as a visionary transformational guide for creatives, designers, leaders and entrepreneurs, who are here to do their great work while living a worthwhile and interesting life. 

This work came to me the real way, through lived experience - building a highly successful business + life, the working harder-longer, linear goal getting, people pleasing, burning out way ..... then (after more resistance :-) recalling, reclaiming and
re-membering ME to merge the magical and the practical.

Through my work hundreds of great women and men have designed their lives to work their way.


Are you ready to design a life + work you love living in and a legacy you’re proud to grow into?


1:1 Success + Freedom
Self-Mastery Coaching

Weekly mentoring + support
Practical + magical tools, processes + practices. Liberate your thoughts, time, energy + creativity with proven simple practices. 

Integrating strategy and the intelligence of love
to intuitively co-create 
life + work by your design.

Brand Strategy Workshop
Model in White Shirt


It was better than an MBA. The program completely delivered but the personal freedom + leadership was the real surprise and a total game changer.


I now have more time than I had before and I do a 2 hour practice each day. I used to shake if I wasn’t at work by 6:30 am. Now I often don’t go in until 10 am.


I signed up for business but it's totally a life and work program. All my relationships are better, seriously better. 


Our sales targets are now a ‘CAN WE?’ game.

Our conversion went from 35% to 85% within 2 months and is now consistently 90%+. Our average sale has tripled. It’s not if we’ll sell, but how much each sale will be.


Our ideal client loves us and keeps referring us.
There’s more. Just do it.’



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